New one-stop provider for the oldest textile mill in Germany with IGZ as general contractor

Looking to meet the challenges and cost pressures of an ever-changing market, the family-owned business Mehler decided to invest in a centralised and automated high-bay warehouse in Tirschenreuth.

The objective of this new-build project was to consolidate the local warehouses to achieve the greatest possible storage density. Mehler brought the IGZ subsidiary IGZ Automation onto the project as the general contractor for handling the areas of planning, project management, structural steel, plant and control systems.

The end result of the project was a new dual-aisle warehouse with 2,016 tote bays and a single-aisle warehouse with 648 Euro pallet bays, plus a conveyor-based handling system. Mehler was particularly keen to ensure that the physical work of employees in the warehouse was made easier by the automation and the four storage points at the work centres in front of the tote warehouse. The new warehouse has resulted in faster order handling due to well-organised stock-keeping whilst also saving on personnel costs for warehousing work.

"In IGZ/IGZ Automation, we have found a partner able to satisfy each and every one of our requirements, and one whom we would unhesitatingly recommend as a general contractor."

Paul Mehler (left), Executive Director
Ludwig Mehler (right), Executive Director
Tuchfabrik Mehler GmbH, Tirschenreuth

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