Neutral logistics planning versus ideas competition

Irrespective of the decision that is made, there is one thing that remains the same: With regard to logistics IT (warehouse management, commissioning and material flow control), clients often receive only second-rate solutions, at least with regard to a continuous SAP standard solution.

Traditional Logistics consultants bring extensive planning experience (buildings, infrastructure and technology) those are often only externally or not really entrusted with the responsibility for implementation, particularly when it comes to IT. This means that important conclusions for workable prerequisites for suppliers are missing. the necessary SAP competence is generally also not available.

Potential general contractors, on the other hand have a lot of SAP knowledge, but do not seriously operate this business model because their projects predominantly make use of internal software components.

IGZ offers both manufacturer neutral projects and initialisation/participation in ideas contests for general contractors – always in connection with the optimised SAP standard solution for the client in the area of warehousing.

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