BI-LOG: New installation of a “used plant” with IGZ as general contractor

BI-LOG Logistik und Informationsmanagement GmbH is a company of the BI-LOG Service Group GmbH with registered office in Bamberg and sites in Scheßlitz, Kronach and Zeegendorf. The company specialises in hybrid services, processing and individualisation of goods, customer-oriented transport services and IT system networking. In addition, BILOG?is a provider of contract logistics and transport management. As an example of the flexibility of the requirements, it processes external e-commerce processes.

In order to take account of the changes in the market, BI-LOG simplifies in the processes in intralogistics. A dynamic and flexible warehouse was created with a relatively high degree of automation for small-volume goods. At the same time, extremely high peak loads in order picking and in dispatch had to be made possible.

IGZ realised this project for BI-LOG as a general contractor

Due to growing processing capacities, BI-LOG invested in a used 4-alley automated small-parts warehouse (TGW technology). The materials handling has to be adapted, converted and extended by client-specific requirements. In the course of the reconstruction, the plant was to be reinstalled and commissioned. A part of the materials handling was still equipped with a S5 control, which was integrated into the overall control concept. A new warehouse management system was also introduced. The new material flow management is now closely interlinked with the control technology in order to meet the dynamic requirements. Furthermore, successive manual procedures and processes of order picking as well as the stacker control system should be reproduced in the new warehouse management system


  • Automated depalletising and palletising processes reduce costs of handling large customers
  • More efficient packing station handling for greater peak loads in dispatch
  • Reduction of individual shipments through contemporaneous combination of orders from the large-part and small-part warehouses as well as the shelf storage system

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