IGZ Single-day Forum SAP Warehousing + Automation 2016

The IGZ Single-day Forum SAP Warehousing + Automation took place on 12 May 2016 already for the eleventh time in the Burg Wernberg Congress Centre. Since then this forum has established itself as the industry event in the field of SAP Warehousing.

This year too, IGZ presented both the latest SAP EWM-/ SAP TM functions as well as numerous practical live demos and interesting client presentations (including by s.Oliver, KRONES, RITTAL and Winkler).

As the SAP EWM GENERAL CONTRACTOR, IGZ was fully responsible for the complete planning and realisation of extensive logistics projects with steel structures, materials handling, control technology and SAP EWM / MFS “ALL FROM ONE SOURCE".

IGZ - THE SAP ENGINEERS - unlike the “SAP consultants” who have a more business management background - see themselves as tech-savvy “engineers” who can carry out all of the individual stages required in planning and implementing demanding SAP logistics projects rigorously and successfully thanks to their well-founded, engineering-oriented training and engineers’ approach.

Furthermore, the processes and functions constantly renewed by SAP were introduced for the optimal interaction of warehouse, transport and production processes. This dealt in particular with the tried and tested modules SAP EWM, SAP ME and SAP TM, which facilitate full integration and process support across modules from the scheduling of the delivery transport, to receiving goods in the warehouse, production, supply/disposal of production with connecting storage and shipping of the finished products and the outgoing transport.

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