HAMBERGER – Ambitious migration in highly-automated logistics centre

Convincing through performance – that is the motto of the Hamberger logistics company. To secure their performance for the coming years, Hamberger decided on a gradual replacement of their old warehouse management and material flow software, as well as a control level for commissioning robots in their Hamberger Logistics and Service Centre (HLSC).

Hamberger decided on SAP EWM. In doing so, the interfaces were reduced. The aims and barometers by which the successes of this project were to be measured were the seamless integration of the control level into the new IT system and the integration of the intelligence of the old system, as well as getting those with responsibilities in logistics involved. To ensure the high availability of their logistics operations, Hamberger placed their trust in IGZ for the implementation of their robust and efficient migration concept.

As a family company and traditional business with an innovative spirit, the Hamberger Industriewerke GmbH produces parquet, cork, linoleum and laminate floors; with the Hamberger group of companies also incorporating Sports Flooring, Sanitary, Sawmill and Farming and Forestry divisions. An ACW (Automatic Compact Warehouse) is operated for the storage of laminate and parquet flooring in the HLSC in Thansau. The 130 m long and 35 m high, automated palette warehouse offers space for around 30,000 Euro palettes across 19 levels. Commissioning robots are used for the packing of pallet goods for specific areas.

The complex ACW automated palette warehouse was equipped with a proprietary warehouse management system (WMS) / MFR and supplied with orders by the SAP WM system. Following the withdrawal of the software manufacturer from the ACW business, there were not going to be any further developments. The risks in terms of support and dependence on software providers, controller providers and individuals grew continuously.
The risks also continued to grow due to the plurality of interfaces. Following a successful usage analysis with IGZ, Hamberger decided to go for a gradual, 3-step standardisation and migration of their software with SAP EWM/MFS and a direct connection of all their technical components (SS) in ongoing business.

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