Resilience and Robotics: Key to Secure Supply Chains?

IGZ Falkenberg, 06.03.2023 // Supply chains disrupted by negative events have been plentiful in recent years. They showed their vulnerability and what dependencies exist. Insourcing, stockpiling and the recovery of process sovereignty as far as possible, to name just a few examples, have moved into the corporate focus. Automation and digitization play a decisive role in this context. LogiMAT takes up these topics with the motto "Connecting Smart Networks" and IGZ shows in Stuttgart in Hall 1 as SAP EWM general contractor and in Hall 8 as SAP EWM project house those smart intralogistics and SAP solutions that are needed to prepare for the future now.

Challenging times for supply chains

The logistics world is currently facing a myriad of challenges : sustainability, digitalization, IT security, a shortage of skilled workers and the resilience of supply chains are just a few of the buzzwords of the day. This is underlined, among other things, by the study "Digitalization in Supply Chains "1 from December 2022: The German Association of Materials Management, Purchasing and Logistics (BME) and Fulda University of Applied Sciences surveyed executives from purchasing, logistics and SCM in German-speaking countries. By far the biggest driver was cited as "recognizing the benefits of using digital technologies in supply chains" in SCM, with an increase of around 60 percent compared to the start of the survey in 2019. Robotics and automation were cited by 85 percent of respondents as the most prominent digitization technologies. No wonder, since automated picking, automated guided vehicles or even mobile robotics solutions have been performing a wide range of tasks in intralogistics for some time.

One step ahead with innovations

IGZ invites this year from April 25 to 27 to the LogiMAT in Stuttgart to provide information on smart best-practice solutions for intralogistics at two trade fair booths. These include state-of-the-art AI-controlled warehouse strategies for significantly reducing travel distances in automated warehouses to save energy and increase performance. In SAP-integrated plug-in robotics solution - LUKE3 - for automated for automated single-item picking for greater flexibility in the face of a shortage of skilled workers. Another highlight, the virtual eye of logistics - HAWK3, which uses AI image processing to detect anomalies, automate processes and thus significantly increase safety and performance in the warehouse.

IGZ Managing Director Johann Zrenner says: "Now is the right time to put the performance of your own supply chain to the test. Those who explore their own potentials now have a huge competitive advantage over all those who have not yet heard the alarm bells ringing."

With 40 years of automation background and almost 25 years of SAP know-how in intralogistics, IGZ shows ways to use challenges as opportunities. IGZ underlines this claim with the expert forum presentations "Intralogistics 2023+: With AI and CO2 neutral" and "Addressing the shortage of skilled workers - automating intralogistics". You will find the SAP software engineers in Hall 1, Booth B25, and in Hall 8, Booth B47.


Sources: 1 "BME Logistics Study 2022: Digitalization in Supply Chains", BME (German Association for Materials Management, Purchasing and Logistics) and Fulda University of Applied Sciences, December 16, 2022: https: //

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