WINCC – Portable Plant Visualisation

IGZ Automation has collaborated with IGZ to develop a portable WinCC visualisation module that provides an end-to-end solution in combination with deployed SAP systems. This is especially practical for use with modern tablets (e.g. iPads, etc.).

A key element in this visualisation is the graphical and tabulated presentation of all of the plant systems. The level of detail extends down to individual sensors and actuators, thus enabling early detection of problems. Care has also being taken to ensure that menus are clear-cut, intuitive and touchscreen-ready. This enables the availability of plant systems to be visualised at-a-glance.

A synchronous connection to SAP is also used to load relevant SAP stock information and order data into WinCC for display to the user in real time. Another feature is the integration of manual operation into WinCC: this enables the cost-effective retrofitting of existing systems.

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