SAP MII FLOW+PACK: Online Process Control & Quality Assurance

MIDOR AG is the leading Swiss producer of preserved pastry goods, ice cream and dessert powders. The delightful product range of this company based in Meilen (Switzerland) includes around 750 products.

Currently, instructions for manufacturing these sweet delicacies are passed to an estimated 25 production lines using a multitude of paper documents. Production-relevant confirmations are also recorded manually. To increase process reliability, reduce organisational effort and increase quality assurance, MIDOR therefore initiated the project "Interactive Production Data System" (IPDS). With the SAP MII (Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence) Flow + Pack solution, IGZ offers a utility-oriented package that meets these requirements.

In the future, shopfloor employees will therefore benefit from active guidance through the processes, simplified workflows on the production lines and improved traceability. In addition, organisational effort and errors made due to incorrect or outdated data on the production lines will also be reduced.

Nor was it merely the scope of the SAP MII-based IGZ Flow + Pack (Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence) solution that impressed the customer: the broad process expertise of the IGZ manufacturing experts also gave MIDOR the assurance that it had picked the right partner.

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