SAP MES Trends – Manufacturing Suite 15.0

With Release 15.0 of its Manufacturing Suite, SAP is systematically pursuing its strategy of providing comprehensive support for shop-floor handling in manufacturing. All of the constituent modules in the Manufacturing Suite (SAP ME, SAP MII and SAP PCo) now share a common release strategy.

This reduces maintenance and upgrade effort for users of the SAP Manufacturing Suite. Particularly in cases where the various parts of the production unit happen to deploy different module sets from the Suite. Indeed, this is increasingly the situation: after all, not every part of production will need to deploy the entire set.

For a business department, however, functional enhancements are much more important. A few examples are listed below, which underline SAP's strong commitment to enhancing standard processes:

  • Additional standard ERP/MES process integration scenarios in the areas of quality, plant maintenance and service handling (equipment, 100% inspections, RMA orders,…)
  • New configuration options (work centre hierarchies and capacities,…)
  • Simplifications to processes for selected WIP and shop order situations
  • For key users, a new and flexible analysis/reporting tool that requires no specialised programming knowledge (Self-Service Composition Environment – SSCE)


All of this represents a sizeable addition to the standard process/function set, provided using the kind of consistent approach achievable only by a full-service ERP/MES provider. The ramp-up phase will be complete by November 2014. IGZ can already give you a sneak preview of the functional scope of 15.0, however.

We look forward to talking to you about the kinds of improvements you can achieve by deploying the enhanced Manufacturing Suite at your company.

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