SAP and control technology from a single source!

True to its status as a full-service provider, IGZ goes beyond SAP-only implementation work to offer corresponding services in the fields of plant and control technology with its subsidiary IGZ Automation

  • PLC retrofit changeovers (e.g. converting an S5 to S7 controls)  
  • Management of HBW or AS/RS new installs as a general contractor
  • Optimisation work in existing logistics/production facilities

The end result: SAP-PLC plant systems from IGZ – Your one-stop shop!

With its operational logistics solutions, SAP now offers a wide range of field-proven software modules. The SAP modules EWM and LES can now completely replace conventional warehouse management and material flow systems.

Via a direct connection to the SAP PLC level, users benefit from:

  • Complete replacement of individual system layers and applications, with savings of up to 40%!
  • Minimising IT maintenance/support costs (e.g. through the elimination of inventory synchronisation and interface monitoring)
  • Interchangeability of plant suppliers and service partners through standardisation
  • Increasing competitiveness

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