Pick-by-Vision with SAP EWM (SAP Extended Warehouse Management) and SMART GLASSES

By now, various technologies in the field of "augmented reality" or "Pick-by-Vision" have found their way into in-house logistics. With Smart Glasses (e.g. Google Glass), various technology providers have succeeded in demonstrating how a pair of glasses can be used as a multifunction device for employees in a warehouse. In the picking area (Pick-by-Vision) at IGZ's customers, real-time orders – here via SAP EWM (SAP Extended Warehouse Management) – are overlaid onto the operator's field of view via an embedded micro-display housed in the glasses.

Thanks to this online technology, which is linked to the SAP EWM (SAP Extended Warehouse Management) system in real time, the user is presented continuously with the current system state of the SAP order needing to be processed and can be deployed for order handling without restrictions across a range of storage areas and picking zones at any time.    

The advantages that these glasses bring to both picking areas and the warehouse are obvious "at a glance": use of the glasses translates to a significant increase in flexibility, since handheld terminals had previously been used for these operations – with operators being shown the next order queued for processing on the terminal's display. With this approach, the "conventional" MDC picker is very restricted in terms of how fast s/he can work by having to hold the mobile device and perform keyboard input. Now, however, the glasses can take over these functions – such as the automated display and scanning of jobs and work steps from SAP EWM (SAP Extended Warehouse Management), for example. This translates into major time savings.

In addition, the glasses can also cover a very wide range of application areas, since the glasses can be used for most of the work steps that become necessary when completing warehousing and picking work. Use of the glasses means that the error quota sinks substantially when compared to Pick-by-Voice or Pick-by-Light, for example.

Picking functionality using SMART GLASSES and SAP EWM (SAP Extended Warehouse Management) has already been successfully implemented by IGZ for selected pilot customers. The use of data glasses makes it possible for operators to work more efficiently and more flexibly thanks to the direct display in their field of view, combined with face recognition and voice input/output.

Technical Specifications for SMART GLASSES:

  •     Modern Android operating system (4.4 KitKat)??
  •     Dual-core ARM processor
  •     nHD LCD display (640x360) with 24-bit colour depth
  •     1 GB of RAM
  •     4 GB built-in flash memory (expandable to 12 GB)
  •     Integrated touchpad and microphone
  •     Acceleration, proximity, brightness and position sensor, gyroscope
  •     5-megapixel camera with 720p video support
  •     WLAN 802.11b/g, Bluetooth
  •     Micro USB port



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