Move by Robots - manufacturer-independent control of AMRs directly in SAP EWM/MFS

Falkenberg, 15.05.2024 // An excellent new development: Intelligent supply/disposal of workstations with autonomous robots directly controlled with SAP EWM – Move by Robots from IGZ won over the panel. The solution was awarded the prestigious "German Innovation Award". Move by Robots is the brain that choreographs all goods transports in a modern logistics center in a highly efficient manner. The unique SAP-based software platform intervenes more deeply than other systems in the control of all resources and each individual vehicle and achieves maximum efficiency with the help of integrated AI.

Autonomous moving robots (AMR) have become an integral part of the logistics world – especially in view of current challenges such as the shortage of skilled workers and increased customer requirements in terms of delivery quality and reliability. If the AMR fleet consists of vehicles from just one manufacturer, handling and monitoring via the manufacturer's own system works smoothly. However, a diverse mix of different vehicle types from different manufacturers can sometimes develop within the same logistics center depending on requirements.

This depends on how the tasks in the respective warehouse environment or the goods to be conveyed can be fulfilled in the best possible way. As a result, different manufacturer-specific software systems are used for vehicle control, which in turn results in new challenges: This is because vehicles from different manufacturers cannot communicate with each other – suboptimal flow of goods, congestion situations or collisions and therefore time and monetary losses are possible consequences. At the same time, monitoring the vehicles across different software systems is time-consuming, as each has its own control station.

Intelligent supply/disposal of workplaces

The SAP engineers at IGZ offer the right solution for the optimal use of autonomous transport robots, regardless of vehicle type and manufacturer: The Best Practice "Move by Robots" integrated in SAP EWM/MFS choreographs all warehouse transports in real time and ensures perfect interaction of all AMRs with existing conveyor lines and building technology such as high-speed doors, elevators, fire doors, etc. The bundling of all information in SAP EWM provides an ideal overview of the entire fleet in the warehouse control center. Move by Robots uses artificial intelligence to always find the ideal routes: it determines the shortest routes, taking possible obstacles into account, and prevents congestion situations from arising. Predictive maintenance is used to plan maintenance and charging management in advance so that there are always enough vehicles available for use. AI thus ensures efficient interaction between all transport resources and demonstrably enables performance increases of up to 20% within the overall logistics system, while at the same time reducing investment costs by 15%. The system can also be set up, converted and retrofitted in a "plug & play" manner. Move by Robots acts as the "brain" of a modern logistics center, orchestrating all goods transports.

IGZ Move by Robots was awarded the German Innovation Award 2024 – WINNER on 14.05.2024. The jury, which is made up of independent, interdisciplinary experts from the fields of technology, digitalization, science and institutions, evaluates the submissions according to the criteria of level of innovation, user benefit and cost-effectiveness.

Johann Zrenner, CEO of IGZ, is convinced: "The use of Move by Robots makes it possible to intelligently network and coordinate all flows of goods in the warehouse, even outside of conveyor technology. This provides users with a perfectly coordinated and sustainable system. An absolute 'must-have' in the logistics market!"

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