In pursuing the further implementation of its master SAP strategy, Dr. Oetker has successfully replaced the legacy warehouse management and control system used for frozen pizza production and distribution with a centrally-supported SAP LES/TRM (Logistics Execution System/Task and Resource System) logistics solution.

From goods receipt of the raw materials to production of the frozen pizzas and the loading of the finished and palletised products, SAP now gives goods movements the end-to-end traceability required by EU Regulation 178/202, down to each pallet and batch. At any point in time, SAP LES (SAP Logistics Execution System) has details of the stock (value and quantity), the storage bin and the production batch/date, using SAP TRM (SAP Task and Resource Management) to manage the four fully-automated, multi-deep pallet finished goods warehouses (SAP high-bay warehouse control).
The high-availability, decentralised SAP LES/TRM (Logistics Execution System/Task and Resource Management) systems installed locally in the factories work around the clock to ensure the flash-frozen and already palleted finished goods are placed in refrigerated high-bay warehouse within minutes, and thus without interrupting the cold chain.
Cost savings by keeping interfaces to a minimum, plus full transparency for all production and logistics processes. In addition, maintenance and servicing effort is reduced, dependency on third-party software providers is decreased, and the long-term future and protection of the investment made is safeguarded thanks to the SAP LES (SAP Logistics Execution System) software suite.
For further information about the SAP LES/TRM (Logistics Execution System/Task and Resource Management) requirements fulfilled by this project, please send your email enquiry to sales@igz.com.

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