IGZ Shipping Tool awarded DPD silver certification for IGZ Best Practice

We are pleased to have been awarded for our solution "Extended SAP Express-Ship-Interface®": The shipping tool can basically be connected to a wide variety of transport service providers and has now been certified as a "Silver Partner" by DPD.

The transport service provider DPD Germany offers a connection to external IT solutions and a certification of the integrated services. We have now gone through this process for the first time and have been awarded the "Silver Partner" certification level! As part of the certification that has now taken place, it was checked whether Extended SAP Express-Ship-Interface® implements, among other things, all the specifications for shipping processing and whether the interfaces are compatible.

Extended SAP Express Ship Interface®

With the IGZ Best Practice Extended SAP Express-Ship-Interface®, shipping is handled directly in SAP. IGZ integrates comprehensive processes in connection with SAP-certified transport and express service providers directly with the Extended SAP Express-Ship-Interface. The complete mapping of the shipping process in SAP minimizes interfaces and guarantees maximum investment protection through independence. The choice of a transport service provider is thus free, because Extended SAP Express-Ship-Interface can be connected to any transport service provider.

We are pleased to have successfully completed the DPD certification program and to be able to officially call ourselves a "Silver Partner" in the future.

You can read all the results and criteria at dpd.com. You can find more information about the Extended SAP Express Ship Interface® on our Best Practice page .

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