IGZ welcomes network school-economy Tirschenreuth in Falkenberg

Falkenberg, 09.03.2023 // The IT and automation specialists at IGZ welcomed the Schule-Wirtschaft Tirschenreuth network to their company headquarters in Falkenberg. At IGZ, it was the largest event to date as part of the network. Around 35 representatives from schools and 27 from the business community took part. The company opened its doors for a company tour, a technical exchange between the representatives of schools and business and gave personal insights into training. The foundation for further cooperation with the schools was laid by making new contacts.

In order to bring teachers and representatives from schools and business together and to promote the exchange of experiences among each other, the Tirschenreuth School-Business Network regularly undertakes excursions to various, regional companies. This time, for example, to IGZ, which warmly welcomed the visit to its headquarters in Falkenberg.

Michael Wachsmann, Head of Human Resources & Operations at IGZ, welcomed the 60 or so guests, who included representatives from the local schools in Mitterteich, Tirschenreuth, Wiesau and Waldsassen. In addition, school-economy expert Philipp Lippert, school district director Martina Puff and the network's managing director and principal of the Johann Andreas Schmeller Middle School in Tirschenreuth, Jürgen Bayer. They expressed their gratitude for the hospitality on behalf of the network. The excursions are also about "sounding out" what demands the economy has on students and setting impulses as to how the economy can support the teachers even better in preparing their protégés for professional life.

Katharina Zrenner, who joins the family business as the "next generation" of management, presented the IGZ's history to the visitors. In her company presentation, they learned that IGZ has been in existence since 1999 and is the market leader for SAP-based logistics and automation solutions. For an internationally active clientele, the company covers all phases of SAP projects in logistics and production. For this purpose, a total of more than 550 employees are employed at the two locations Falkenberg and Erbendorf.

Insight by trainees

One of the highlights was the reports from the current trainees: They themselves gave an insight into their activities, among others as software developers and electronics technicians for automation technology, and showed how the training is organized in the company and school. They received a lot of praise for this from the school-business network. IGZ personnel manager Lisa Pössinger explained: "The topic of training is very important to us. Attracting young people to us and keeping them in the company for the long term with the various career opportunities is one of the core topics at IGZ."

To this end, the company does a lot, offering its employees, for example, an in-house gym and major staff events in summer and winter. During the subsequent tour of the four large "software barns", the guests present were enthusiastic about the buildings and the rapid growth of the family-owned company. The successful afternoon ended in the company restaurant with freshly brewed "IGZ-Zoiglbier" and a snack. Michael Wachsmann was satisfied: "It was a great meeting with many good conversations, new contacts and we are open to expanding the cooperation with schools even further in the future." The next visit of the network will be to Schott AG in Mitterteich.

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