Digitales IGZ-Tagesforum – SAP Warehousing

We cordially invite you to our Digital IGZ One-Day Forum – SAP Warehousing on Wednesday, 6 October 2021 as well as on 27 October 2021, both from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm.

Our core competences are the constantly developed SAP modules SAP EWM (Warehouse Management), SAP MFS (Material Flow Control), SAP TM (Transportation Management) as well as SAP ME (Manufacturing Execution) and SAP MII (Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence). Along with our broad expertise, these systems make IGZ is the ideal modernisation partner. Your perfectly equipped DIGITAL SUPPLY CHAIN. With SAP S/4HANA, SAP is providing higher-performance processes and functions for the interaction of warehouse, transport and production. As an SAP EWM general contractor, we also supply all intralogistics components in the fields of warehouse technology, PLC control and control cabinet construction, both for new buildings and as part of modernisations and retrofits of your intralogistics systems.

This IGZ event will focus on the modernisation of intralogistics systems in operation. Years of wear and tear can increase the risk of equipment failures. Furthermore, after a long period of operation, a complete software migration to the newest, state of the art technology is often necessary. This is also true for the necessary migration of the discontinued SAP module WM (Warehouse Management).

When identified in good time, targeted retrofit or software modernisation projects can achieve the following results:

  • Frequent higher availability of your plant (OEE), often more than 20%
  • Minimisation of operating costs (spare parts, energy consumption, etc.)
  • Performance and throughput increases in the range of 10% to 30%
  • High degree of software stability
  • Optimal remote maintenance possibilities

In addition, you will get an overview of our innovative IGZ BEST PRACTICES in the digital exhibition area. With ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE for SAP S/4 EWM, these best practices offer you further opportunities for SAP EWM to increase the efficiency of your processes, deliver precise forecast results and thus enable unprecedented adaptability to changing markets.

Agenda for the Tagesforum

IGZ | THE SAP ENGINEERS – Status and Trends 2021

  • Highlights from successfully implemented projects

IGZ Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH


SAP outlook for integrated supply chain execution processes

  • Holistic logistics processes controlled by SAP EWM and SAP TM
  • Logistics and S/4HANA – New options for your warehouses
  • SAP Logistics Business Network



Secure migration SAP WM/TRM to SAP S/4 EMW/MFS

  • New central logistics for assembly supply and worldwide spare parts distribution
  • Reasons for choosing IGZ as an SAP EWM general contractor
  • Innovative, gesture-supported order picking with PICK-by-MOTION®

Bürkert Werke GmbH & Co. KG


Multi-stage retrofit with SAP EWM implementation

  • Sophisticated modernisation of the warehouse technology (HBW, ASPW) during ongoing operation under full capacity utilisation
  • PICK-BY-MOTION® - Picking with gesture-control
  • Continuously integrated and future-proof SAP EWM solution

ENGEL Austria GmbH



  • PICK BY ROBOT® – Single item picking with LUKE2
  • PICK-BY-MOTION® – Gesture-controlled picking
  • MOVE BY ROBOT® – Autonomous transport robots
  • DYNAMIC TUGGER TRAIN® – Production supply with tugger train
  • DIGITAL TWINS® – Virtual commissioning of logistics facilities
  • SMART LOGISTICS COCKPIT® – Plant control station/visu. with SAP FIORI
  • HEAD COUNT PLANNING® – Resource Planning with AI
  • WORK-BY-MOBILE® – Mobile working with wearables
  • EXTENDED CASE CALCULATION® – AI-controlled package optimisation

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