Hannover Messe Industrie 2012 - Manufacturing Execution with SAP

PDC and MDC functionality for Manufacturing Excellence with SAP take centre stage at the IGZ stand in Hall 7. As a partner at SAP AG Stand C48, the SAP integrators will be presenting the many options for integrating shop floor processes with SAP's standard Manufacturing Execution product.

In many industries, proprietary MES systems are being replaced by MES or PDC standard software based on the SAP ME module. Reasons for this include the open platform offered by SAP applications, the high level of integration and the flexible adaptability of SAP solutions. As a seasoned and specialised Expertise Partner for SAP Warehousing and SAP Manufacturing, IGZ offers the same quality support to process manufacturers, discrete manufacturers and mixed-mode businesses. The support services offered by IGZ include strategic evaluation and analysis, overseeing functional implementation, and interfacing with a wide range of plant systems as an integration partner.

For perfect integration with SAP ERP, look no further than the preconfigured end-to-end processes in SAP MII for handling production planning, quality management and plant maintenance. Customisable worker terminals and the wide range of settings offered by the application mean the system can be modified to suit the changing requirements of a dynamic production environment. Automated staging to production plant has already been integrated into SAP ME, as has the control data and the logging of product and process data directly from plant systems.

SAP ME also offers support for increasingly stringent traceability requirements – despite complex assembly and handling operations – and the goal of zero-defect production via process interlocking. The application is rounded off by the Collaboration Framework now included with Release 6.0, supporting factory-wide production processes at the shop floor level. Functions such as labour tracking, NC program management, return/repair processes and a user-friendly Management Dashboard round off the SAP ME portfolio.

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