Extended Packing Station – integrated directly with SAP

The more parcels sent by a company, the more important it is to ensure that packing stations are using efficient working procedures. With the Extended SAP EWM Packing Station, useful support is offered to packing station teams. Weight data is read and applied automatically from scales, for example, and key items of information about the current parcel to be packed are displayed in large-format fields that are easy on the eye. The corresponding soft keys are ergonomically laid out and, helped by context-specific messages, considerably simplify the work of packing staff. As a result, parcels can be packed with SAP faster and with a lower incidence of errors.

Application areas of the extended packing station

Each packaging process begins with the posting of the picked goods from SAP EWM and takes place in parallel to the physical delivery of the goods to the packing station. Employees at the packing station use the delivery number to call up a delivery and see which items need to be packed. A scanning process is used to identify the packaging to which the items to be packaged can be assigned. A package counter and various additional functions then ensure that the correct shipment structure and the associated labels and printouts are generated. The required shipping documents are printed and packaged in the handling units for the physical unit of packaging and the products contained therein. The expected handling units in the respective transport process are now known.


  • All shipping functions integrated in SAP
  • Elimination of additional subsystems for packaging
  • Simplification of the system landscape, reduction of interfaces
  • Complete turnkey solutions from IGZ
  • Update Service: Product improvement
  • Attractive fixed price offers for various services
  • Fast return on investment


  • Dialogue-based guidance results in faster and safer processes
  • Different packing modes:
    • Highest speed
    • 100% scanning
    • Pick-and-pack

  • Integration into existing hardware environments, e.g. weighing machines, printers, scanners
  • Intuitive operation

  • Touchscreen capability
  • Pick&Pack function
  • Clear detailed views
  • Adaptation of packaging possible
  • Filling management
  • SAP standard evaluation options:
    Orders + packages per day
  • Clear information: customer, delivery time, freight forwarder

Key Facts

  • Ergonomic, highly efficient packing table handling
  • Comprehensive SAP Extended Expressship-Ship-Interface integration
  • Simple user input (destination address, service code, package weights, ...)
  • Transparent shipping processes and complete traceability


  • Configuration via parameter management
  • Versatile adjustment options
  • Multi-user capability/multi-scale capability