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[Translate to English:] Extended EWM Packtisch | IGZ
[Translate to English:] Packtischfunktionen – Direkt in SAP EWM integriert

Packing station functionality – integrated directly with SAP

The more parcels sent by a company, the more important it is to ensure that packing stations are using efficient working procedures.

With the Extended SAP EWM Packing Station, useful support is offered to packing station teams. Weight data is read and applied automatically from scales, for example, and key items of information about the current parcel to be packed are displayed in large-format fields that are easy on the eye. The corresponding soft keys are ergonomically laid out and, helped by context-specific messages, considerably simplify the work of packing staff. As a result, parcels can be packed with SAP faster and with a lower incidence of errors.