Connection to transport service providers

Extended SAP Express Ship Interface – direct connection to transport service providers from SAP

Via the SAP Extended Express Ship Interface, IGZ offers direct integration of processes in connection with SAP-certified transport and express service providers. This eliminates the need for third-party software components and interfaces to print shipping labels. The comprehensive track-and-trace functions of general cargo and parcel service providers can be integrated directly into the SAP system using the SAP Extended Express Ship Interface. Comprehensive mapping of the shipping process in SAP TM / EWM minimises the need for interfaces and guarantees maximum investment protection thanks to increased independence.

Extended SAP Express-Ship-Interface

Urgent deliveries are often sent via parcel service and delivered by express service providers. Each service provider needs "their own" specific shipping labels to ensure efficient delivery to the customer.

Transport service providers and forwarding companies with a certified SAP interface can print shipping labels directly from SAP R/3 as of Release 4.6 or SAP EWM using the Extended Express Ship Interface integrated in SAP TM/EWM. Furthermore, SAP makes it possible to obtain the data required to enable online shipment status services via the service providers' tracking numbers, and to allocate dispatch or delivery and also to print service provider-specific delivery lists (manifests) and shipping labels.

In addition, the track-and-trace functions of various service providers can be integrated in SAP. Both the sender and recipient thus have the possibility to retrieve status information about the shipment of the package at any time via the internet.

Chart of connections to transport service providers
  • Complete integration in SAP TM/EWM in conjunction with SAP ERP
  • Online printing of shipping labels for parcel service providers
  • ‚‚NVE shipping label printing for freight forwarders
  • Creation/printing of delivery manifest
  • Centralised track-and-trace directly from SAP via the internet
  • Online weight recording at the packing station (via PC–weighing machine interface)
  • Assignment of tracking number, service/product codes, delivery routing info
  • ‚‚Integration into existing hardware environments, e.g. weighing or printing systems
  • URLs
  • Tracking status
  • Service codes
  • Product codes
  • Routing info
  • Number range
  • Metadata


  • All shipping functions are based on the SAP standard (SAP TM/EWM)
  • Elimination of additional subsystems for shipping and label printing
  • SAP integrated track & trace (retrieval of package status information)
  • Simplification of the system landscape, reduction of interfaces


  • "Turnkey" complete shipping solution from IGZ for SAP TM/EWM
  • Automatic update service

    • Product improvements
    • Changes
    • Forms
    • Route calculation
    • Compliance with legal requirements


  • Attractive fixed price offers for various services
  • Faster return on investment
  • Many service providers already available at reasonable prices as standard
  • Certified parcel/pallet label service providers – directly from SAP
  • Online connection to weighing machine (common models)
  • EDI/delivery manifest and loading list
  • SAP integrated shipment tracking (track & trace)
  • Annual update service (routing, labels)
  • Universal application (SAP TM / EWM / ERP)
IGZ Best Practice | Extended Express Ship Interface

The complete mapping of the shipping process in SAP minimizes interfaces and guarantees maximum investment protection through independence.

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