Machine InterfacingFlexible machine interfacing with SAP MES

With the in SAP Manufacturing Suite integrated component SAP Plant Connectivity (SAP PCO), SAP offers the following options:

  •      direct machine interfacing
  •      automatic detection of machine conditions and quantities
  •      Acquisition and storage of various process data

However, process parameters or production programs can also be sent directly to the machines. This allows the data to be exchanged bidirectionally online directly between the machines and SAP. For this purpose, SAP PCO already offers a comprehensive standard range of protocol modules, such as:

  •      OPC UA
  •      OPC DA
  •      TCP / IP
  •      File
  •      Database
  •      and much more…

Further preconfigured machine connections, which have been developed in numerous IGZ project references for various industries, are provided by IGZ "out-of-the-box". Direct sensor connections via analog / digital IO adapters are also possible.