Order Cockpit 4.0 – Order fine control

Planned production or process orders are made available from SAP ERP (SAP Enterprise-Resource-Planning) (PP) after release in SAP ME/MII (SAP Manufacturing Execution / Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence) for production control.

With the SAP ME/MII-based (SAP Manufacturing Execution / Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence) fine planning (interactive graphic order guidance), current shop floor information, such as the current machine status, can be used to distribute and start the orders on available machines, taking necessary and existing resources into account.

The extremely high level of transparency across all production orders ensures optimal planning and the decision-making process with high resource utilization.

Order Cockpit 4.0 at a glance

  • Order fine control
  • Transparency of pending, current and processed production orders with graphical rescheduling function
  • Optimum system utilization
  • Accurate planning of the production sequence, optimization and readjustment ensures maximum plant utilization and even production utilization
  • Optimal resource utilization
  • Assignment of orders to machines and plants, display of set-up times and visualization of basic date infringements directly in production. Set of planned downtimes, order split, and job overlay correction
  • Order management
  • Scheduling and quantity-complaint order control and resource procurement and production orders
  • Manual fine-tuning of priorities
  • Optimize production processes and increase productivity through improved resource allocation, production control, and fine planning
  • Avoidance of costly conversion
  • Avoiding of product change or grade change to achieve meaningful production capacity. The fine control of campaigns is also supported to minimize expensive changeover times and increase productivity.


  • Optimal capacity utilization through graphical order fine control
  • Flexible production through optimized production sequence
  • Dynamic prioritization of orders
  • Reduction of costly changeover times
  • Faster processing and executing of express orders through increased flexibility
  • Compliance with delivery times through high process orientation
  • Fast and targeted rescheduling in the event of unforeseen events

Key Facts

  • Graphical fine-tuning of production orders
  • Automatic order fine planning according to ERP specifications
  • Plausibility checks order requirements
  • Efficient rescheduling via Drag & Drop
  • Energy-optimized production

Production control stand

  • Fine control of all orders
  • Display of order detail data
  • Display of the order reserve
  • Releasing and locking of orders
  • Splitting of production orders and graphical rescheduling to alternative resources
  • Flexible integration of information from SAP ERP (SAP Enterprise-Resource-Planning)
  • Freely scalable timeline
  • Graphical visualization of overload situations
  • Correction of overload situations
  • Audit of plausibility violations
  • Online visualization of machine states
  • Visualization of workplace occupancy and order progress

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