ZF Friedrichshafen


  • automotive


  • automated warehouse control
  • production supply
  • direct SAP-PLC data link
  • transmission/loading
  • PLC control technology
  • general contractor

SAP Product

  • dez. LES
  • SAP ITSmobile
  • IGZ Automation

Automated warehouse management with SAP LES AND SAP TRM

ZF Services brings together the brands Sachs, Lemförder, Boge and ZF Parts, the services of the sales and service organisation as well as the customer service activities of the ZF Group. ZF Services operates its largest logistics centre in Schweinfurt, Germany, a centre that occupies a key role in the company's service model.

To meet the high logistics demands and to completely control the automated warehouse technology by deploying SAP LES (SAP Logistics Execution System) and SAP TRM (SAP Task and Resource Management), ZF Services relies on the consulting services of IGZ.

With this solution, ZF Services has taken a further step towards sustainable improvements in productivity in the field of logistics and is therefore well prepared for the predicted increase in orders and express shipments.

ZF Services, the new business segment within ZF Friedrichshafen AG, brings together the brands Sachs, Lemförder, Boge and ZF Parts, the service portfolio from its sales/service unit, and the Group's customer service activities. ZF Services is currently represented by 76 sites in 36 countries.

The aim of the new organisation is to strengthen the Group's worldwide customer services while expanding its aftersales business with products and services. The strong product brands within ZF Services represent the Group's expertise, quality guarantees and service orientation in its retail business. In drive and chassis systems, ZF-branded components work to improve vehicle handling, safety, comfort and operating efficiency while reducing fuel consumption and emissions in customers' vehicles.

As an international company in the automotive aftermarket segment, the biggest logistical challenge facing ZF Services is ensuring high availability for items in its spare part business.

Since a comprehensive SAP software architecture was already in place at ZF, the strategic approach was to model the vast majority of business processes within SAP. Accordingly, ZF Services has deployed the SAP software suite SAP Logistics Execution System (SAP LES) with the integrated material flow control component SAP TRM to interface an automated storage and retrieval system, high-bay warehouse and a storehouse.

Successful collaboration on this project meant the progressive interfacing of a new high-bay warehouse and storage for fast-moving articles in the expanded logistics centre to SAP LES (SAP Logistics Execution System) and SAP TRM (SAP Task and Resource Management) could be tackled successfully. Here, too, ZF Services relied on the expert support provided by IGZ.

  • Intelligent consolidation algorithms in SAP
  • Availability check for stacker cranes and plant status
  • Multi-stage picking
  • GR from several production plants in the HBW
  • Capacity checking for putaways and removals
  • Packaging with plausibility monitor
  • Complex communication point processing strategy
  • TRM monitor for monitoring stacker cranes and capacities
  • Replenishment strategies
  • Future security and investment protection via the SAP software suite
  • Major shortening of order throughput times thanks to reduced service and maintenance costs, achieved by keeping interfaces and dependencies to a minimum
  • Process flexibility due to in-house SAP know-how in the Logistics IT unit
  • Quality improvements via an increase in transparency and better management of the overall system
  • Independence from external suppliers by using the transparent SAP LES (SAP Logistics Execution System) and SAP TRM (SAP Task and Resource Management) solution

SAP WM (SAP Warehouse Management): Logistics Execution

  • Pick-Pack confirmation
  • Partial goods receipt posting
  • Split delivery to host
  • GR plant stock transfer
  • Physical inventory handling
  • Kit-to-Stock

SAP HUM (SAP Handling Unit Management): BATCH TRACEABILITY

  • Inventory Management with SAP LES (SAP Logistics Execution System) and SAP Handling Unit Management (SAP HUM)
  • 2-tier handling units
  • Negative picking
  • Goods receipt from other production sites
  • Case calculation

SAP TRM (SAP Task and Resource Management): High-bay warehouse control

  • Dynamic pallet space management
  • Aisle and place targeting
  • Quantity shortage handling with automated repeat planning
  • 2-channel communication with
  • control computer
Key Facts


  • Schweinfurt


  • High-bay warehouse, automated
  • 17,592 storage bins
  • 6 stacker cranes
  • 6 aisles
  • 5 picking locations

Storehouse, manual

  • 3,744 storage bins
  • 3 narrow aisle forklifts
  • 7 aisles
  • 3 picking locations

Small parts storage system, automated

  • 33,397 storage bins
  • 12 stacker cranes
  • 13 aisles
  • 8 picking locations

Shipping high-bay warehouse, automated

  • 6 stacker cranes
  • 2 putaway, 2 retrieval levels
  • 26,417 storage bins
  • 4 picking locations

Fast-moving stock warehouse, manual

  • 852 storage bins
  • 6 picking stackers
  • 2 replenishment stackers


  • 9,000 putaway/retrieval operations per day
  • 8,000 picks per day
  • 36,000 telegrams per day
  • Approx. 900 GI pallets a day

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