Flexibility, ease of maintenance and cost efficiency could be improved at Zentis by the introduction of SAP MII. Zentis is now profiting from a system, with which the company can make adaptations independently as required.

It was produced with the IGZ SAP MII best practices for electronic manufacturer's instruction (Electronic Work Instruction - EWI), which is based on the use of SAP ERP control recipes.


With its numerous employees across the world, Zentis GmbH & Co. KG, Aachen is numbered among the leading companies in the field of fruit preparation, as well as the manufacture of sweet sandwich spreads, confectionery and bakery fillings. 

The brand name "Zentis" is synonymous with high quality and diversity in preserves and marzipan, as well as for industrially processed fruits, which are produced specifically for the dairy, baking and confectionery industries, as well as for the trade. 

The company, steeped in tradition, has branches and subsidiaries in Poland, Hungary, Russia and the USA. The US subsidiaries produce, inter alia, fruit preparations for the dairy, ice cream, baking and beverages industries.

The fruit preparations for the dairy, ice cream, baking and beverages industries that are produced by the US subsidiaries are filled in intermediate bulk containers (IBC) and then delivered.
A container logistics system (CLS) as a SAP ERP add-on takes over tracking of the container and its contents, including its life cycle. 

The first use of SAP MII by Zentis was under the "Vertical Integration" heading. In addition to the replacement/integration of proprietary systems and on-line data capture, one of Zentris' very central business objects (stainless steel container – IBC) was to implement a clear simplification and automation of the numerous process steps and their posting processes.

With SAP MII Flow+Pack, all relevant process steps, such as washing, weighing, printing check and dispatch of the IBCs without paper and automatically via the technical systems connection and reported to the CLS.
This SAP MII application was then rolled out earlier to two more US sites. 

In a second step, the resources for the fruit preparation are currently fed directly to the automatic production systems with the recipes managed in SAP ERP by means of SAP MII. The former manual, and thus liable to error, data entry to the systems will therefore be unnecessary in future. 

Production takes place with IGZ SAP MII best practices for the Electronic Work Instruction (EWI), which is based on the use of SAP ERP control recipes.

"With SAP MII, we have a system, with which we can respond to a very wide range of different situations and can if necessary make changes independently." 

Zentis GmbH & Co. KG Aachen

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