In the existing distribution center in Hamburg-Altenwerder, targeted improvement and optimization measures were implemented on the 19-lane high bay storage. The changeover phase from the existing DEMAG stacker cranes was performed during production, at the same time without interrupting operations. 


The complete dispatch house picking, packing, dispatch and returns process takes place at the site in Wedel. A DEMAG circular conveyor system has been in service for over 20 years. To guarantee the availability needed, the obsolete control system must be modernized. Through the retrofit previously completed successfully, the cooperation with IGZ Automation was expanded.

Schneider Versand GmbH was founded in 1965 by Heiner Schneider as H. Schneider KG in Wedel. The company has developed in the last 40 years from a conventional catalog dispatcher to a specialist in the field of publicity gifts and prizes. In addition to products for advertising requirements, the company manages a large selection of giveaway items, which can be printed to the customer's individual wishes in the company's own printing shop. The main catalog now appears annually with around 2,800 products on some 500 pages. Automated logistics in this case plays a key role in order fulfillment.


The objective of the project was to modernize the existing shelving vehicles with transfer bridges on the Hamburg-Altenwerder site locally and change to stored program controllers of the Siemens S7 type. This would secure the system and future-proof it. In addition, the DC technology, no longer in tune with the times, should be replaced. 


At the site in Wedel (Holstein), the packing lines and the circular conveyor system had to be modernized. Five Siemens S5 controllers controlled the system. An important aspect of modernization was the poor spare parts supply for some components, as well as dependency on certain "special parts". The system operation should also be stabilized and improved.


  • Milestone and implementation scheduling
  • Exchanging and modernizing the warehouse head controller
  • Successive changeover and modernizing of the stacker crane with transfer bridges (mechanics and control)


  • Analysis of the existing control components and processes
  • Design production for the modernization
  • Simulation tests without the system
  • Concentrated on-site tests at weekends when nobody is working
  • Simultaneous replacement of the control system, visualization and picking displays

  • Favorable system operation
  • Energy optimizations
  • Dispensing with expensive special parts
  • Simplification of system interfaces
  • Increasing availability
  • More efficient fault analysis and rectification
  • Dynamic performance adaptations possible
Key Facts


  • Hamburg
  • Wedel


  • Central warehouse head control
  • 19-lane high bay with 35,000 places and direct access to 17,000 items
  • 6 shelving vehicles (changeover from DEMATIC to S7)
  • 6 shelving bridges (changeover from DEMATIC to S7)
  • Integration in existing WINCC visualization


  • Modernizing of the picking circular conveying system over 3 floors
  • Integration and modernizing of 13 picking displays
  • 46 packing stations 
  • 2 Siemens SPC (S7)
  • Central WINCC server/client visualization for fast troubleshooting