Rosenthal GmbH is numbered among the leading providers in the world of contemporary home decoration and tableware. As a consequence of international growth, Rosenthal decided to carry out a technology and process re-engineering program at its Speichersdorf site. The storage processes and their IT support were to be expanded and improved.

Jointly with IGZ, after a joint analysis of the SAP LES (Logistics Execution System) and the integrated standard data wireless technology SAP ITSmobile, the components included in the SAP ERP license coverage were introduced.

The entire logistics process at Rosenthal is designed with SAP standard software, without the use of middleware. 


In 130 years, Rosenthal has developed into an extraordinarily diversified company, which is now numbered with its fascinating brands in 97 countries among the leading providers of contemporary, innovative design in the tableware, equipment and gift accessories areas.

With some 900 employees and its headquarters in Selb, Rosenthal is an independent company inside the Sambonet Paderno Industrie Group, the market leader in Germany for the abovementioned areas.

The Group's portfolio includes the Rosenthal studio-line, Rosenthal Tradition, Rosenthal meets Versace, Hutschenreuther and Thomas brand names.

A logistic center tied to production in Speichersdorf, with some 12,500 m² of space and several halls distributes high quality porcelain and glass products throughout the world.

As part of an optimization project, the existing need for action in the Speichersdorf distribution system was approached taking into account the logistic processes across the Group.

In the foreground at the same time were improvement of the receipts process and the picking, hitherto based on labels, with the following main points:

  • Warehouse space management
  • Picking via "RF scanner"
  • System-driven forklift control and picking

In the course of these actions, resource control and multi-order picking were introduced.
In addition, the "permanent stock take" inventory procedure was established.

Future security for the Speichersdorf site was achieved by means of optimizations and new technology.


  • Inventory management at storage site level
  • Chaotic storage
  • Optimized item positioning (ABC classification)
  • Control center resource control
  • Quality control in receipts

SAP WM (SAP put away & picking): PICKING

  • Multi-stage storage process incl. handover logic
  • Multi-order picking
  • Permanent inventory incl. "zero crossing inventory"
  • Picking truck design
  • Preparation for dispatch


  • Ergonomic SAP data wireless dialog
  • Ideal coverage of all relevant warehouse movements by means of MDEs
  • Path-optimized picking / storage
  • SAP printing of LE labels for LHM identification

  • SAP ERP ECC 5.0
  • Central SAP LES Logistics Execution System
  • Replacement of site-driven MM–LEANWM inventory management by SAP WM
  • Delivery note printing by scan at free printer
  • Realtime transfer of movement orders (TA) from WM to the forklift and picker performing in each case
  • Extensive logging features in conjunction with user management
  • SAP ITSmobile data wireless
  • RF systems for various scanner functions; MC9090-G scanner
  • Forklift terminals with touchscreen; Jungheinrich 2475
  • Task and resource control designed completely in SAP WM

  • Savings by dispensing with many manual postings
  • Real time inventory information and feedback
  • Use of existing systems to expand IT support
  • Optimum resourced use by intelligent task distribution
  • Improved use of storage
  • Comprehensive lean and transparent system architecture
  • Higher transparency via storage places, especially covering moved inventory
  • Reduction of error quotas by verification

"The optimizing objectives from our operational analysis were achieved completely. After the project with IGZ, we were able to use our IT supporting the logistic process to best effect. In all phases of the project, we got to know IGZ as competent and reliable."

Rosenthal GmbH

Key Facts


  • Speichersdorf logistic center


  • 43-lane, manually operated high bay storage with 3 manually operated stacker cranes
  • Block store, individual customer stores, store for high value goods
  • Around 30,000 storage spaces
  • 8 forklifts
  • 16 pickers
  • 21 dispatch packers
  • Approx. 8 million picks per year
  • Approx. 31,000 delivery note items issued daily
  • 2-shift operation in picking and dispatch area
  • 800 - 1,000 packages issued daily


  • Spec. phase September 2010
  • Go-Live: May 2011