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The ROHRDORFER GROUP, at its Rohrdorf site, is a producer of environmentally friendly and sustainable building materials.

Owing to constantly increasing requirements and in-house demand for improvement, the introduction of SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (SAP MII) created the foundation for a standard production system covering the company. Inter alia, this replaced not only the former system, incapable of serving the future, but also implemented a direct SAP PM integration.

With its aid, reporting was optimized and sources of error reduced by direct integration of the machines. 


The ROHRDORFER GROUP, founded in Rohrdorf near Rosenheim, is one of the leading building materials producers and includes the Portland Cement plant (SPZ) in Southern Bavaria.

At more than 120 sites in Germany, Austria, Italy and Hungary, high quality building materials from the cement, ready-mix concrete, prefabricated parts and concrete goods are manufactured and sand and gravel quarried.

With their focus on customer orientation, quality and sustainability, around 1,600 employees service the regional building demand.

Owing to incompatibility with Windows 7 and lack of support, the BDE used at Rohrdorf offered no development prospects.
Furthermore, a strategic solution that could be rolled out for the company group was sought for the demand for a meaningful and comprehensive reporting system offering both high flexibility and independence from system and solution providers.
In addition, with a new system the required reduction of manual recording activities and hence a reduction of sources of error should be achieved.

For the implementation of these demands for an individual standard solution to production integration, Rohrdorfer decided to use SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (SAP MII) as a software solution.

SAP MII (SAP Manufacturing Execution): PRODUCTION CONTROL

  • Integration of the ACTUAL inventories from shop floor to ERP
  • Online representation of all process values and silo stocks
  • Integration of the shop floor with SAP PM – Automatic servicing order production

SAP MII (SAP Manufacturing Execution): MACHINE CONNECTION

  • Online shop floor integration
  • Machine connection for counter determination and machine states
  • Direct connection of laboratory and dispatch systems

SAP MII (SAP Manufacturing Execution): REPORTING

  • Reporting energy consumption, heating oil and electricity, etc.
  • Standard reporting based on SSCE – Self Service Composition Environment
  • Display and post-processing of machine states

  • SAP ERP ECC 6.0
  • SAP MII 15.0
  • Comprehensive reporting (e.g., energy consumption, heating oil, electricity, etc.)
  • Depiction of system life cycle in PM overlapping time counters
  • Central data collection from a large number of different shop floor systems in MII
  • Connection of machines, laboratory systems, etc. (data collector)
  • Central reporting by means of SSCE in MII
  • Reporting for operating data, energy data, sales data in MII
  • Counter-state dependent dynamizing of servicing planning
  • Online integration PM

  • New and future-proof technology platform
  • High flexibility and independence from system and solution providers
  • Abandonment of many manual recording and routine tasks
  • Interface minimizing and high SAP standard integration
  • A solution capable of being rolled out for the company group
  • Optimizing of many reports, templates for reports/dashboards

"By using SAP MII, we have a central tool for data collection and analysis. Particularly in the maintenance area, we can achieve cost savings by precision planning."

Rohrdorfer Group

Key Facts


  • Rohrdorf


  • A total of some 2,000 counters
    • approx. 100 PM service counters
    • approx. 900 electricity meters
    • approx. 800 volume counters
    • approx. 200 timers

  • approx. 1,000 production-related materials
  • PM master data (equipment/technical stations)