FITTED FOR INTERNATIONAL GROWTH WITH SAP LES/TRM (SAP Logistics Execution System/SAP Task And Resource Management)

Reichle & De-Massari AG, leading manufacturer of wiring solutions, decided to build a new automated logistics center at its Wetzikon site as its international growth developed.

To keep pace with the stringent demands on the logistics, the processes were designed with SAP Supply Chain Execution standard software.

Jointly with IGZ, as part of the project both the existing and new logistic areas at the Wetzikon site were designed with SAP Logistic Execution Systems (LES) as well as the material flow component SAP Task and Resource Management (TRM).

Founded in 1964, Reichle & De-Massari AG (R&M), with its headquarters in Wetzikon (CH) is a Swiss family company operating internationally and one of the leading providers of passive wiring solutions for high quality communication networks.

Worldwide, the company makes an outstanding contribution to operating security in speech, data and image transfer with its copper and optical fiber systems.

The Reichle & De-Massari company group employs around 600 workers in some 30 countries and posts sales of around 200 million Swiss francs. 

Owing to strong international growth, a new production and logistics center was built in Wetzikon.

During the new build, Reichle & De-Massari planned a new company headquarters (new factory areas with logistics center), introduction of the SAP standard software SAP ERP (ECC 6.0) and SAP LES/TRM to administer and control the warehouse logistics.

At its heart was three-lane, automatic high bay storage with around 4,500 pallet places for production supply and disposal, as well as dispatch. In addition, R&M currently also operates a number of manual storage areas with around 1,200 pallet places and three cardex shuttles.

These various types of storage were interconnected in two phases. In phase 1, all earlier manual processes and the manual picking system for the existing buildings were designed in SAP LES. In phase 2, the new automatic three-lane high bay storage and three new shuttles (place administration in LES) were taken into operation with SAP LES/TRM. In addition, the entire warehouse was relocated to the newly constructed building.


  • Inventory management with Handling Unit Management
  • Goods inwards from production and outside
  • Pick + pack by means of HU administration
  • Inventory management
  • Warehouse strategies

SAP ITSmobile (SAP Internet Transaction Server): DATA WIRELESS

  • Real time transfer of captured data
  • Optimum coverage of warehouse movements with MDE
  • Path-optimized picking with RF
  • SAP printing of item labels
  • Ergonomic dialog

SAP TRM (SAP Task & Resource Management): MATERIAL FLOW

  • Automatic HRL control
  • Dynamic pallet place location
  • Control of shuttles
  • Lane and target place location
  • Loading check
  • Direct SAP SPC coupling

  • Decentralized SAP LES/TRM with system distribution to the SAP ECC 6.0 central system (SAP ERP)
  • Complete process design (receipts and issues strategy, picking, push, etc.)
  • SAP TRM monitor for monitoring RBGs and capacities
  • Cardex shuttles
  • Siemens S7 Stored Program Control
  • Automated pallet high bay storage with 3 RBGs (Stöcklin) incl. preliminary zone in three levels
  • WinCC visualization
  • Real time SPC control from SAP TRM

  • Process homogenization by using a comprehensive SAP IT landscape
  • Flexibility for process adaptations by building up in-house SAP LES/TRM knowhow for logistics IT
  • Investment protection by using a release-capable and future-proof SAP standard software platform
  • Reduced service and maintenance costs by minimizing interfaces and dependencies on third parties
  • Quality improvement by increasing transparency and optimizing the overall system management
  • Independence from proprietary systems and IT partners

"With the introduction of SAP LES/TRM in the logistics/warehouse management area, we are equipped for the growth of our company and are facing the future with a positive outlook. We value the pleasant and close cooperation with IGZ and the quality of the solutions highly."

Reichle & De-Massari

Key Facts


  • Wetzikon


  • Around 7,000 items
  • Around 350 delivery items received daily
  • Around 1,500 delivery items issued daily
  • Around 1,200 pallet stations in the manual area
  • Around 50 employees in logistics


  • Around 4,500 pallet stations per HRL
  • 3 lanes
  • 3 automatic stacker cranes
  • 3 automatic cardex shuttles