RITTAL, as a member of the Friedhelm Loh Group, is numbered among the international market leaders for switch cabinet and housing systems.

At its Rittershausen site, RITTAL operates a factory for large switch cabinets. On a plot with an area of 153,000m² and a production area of 51,500m², 600,000 switch cabinet housings are produced each year.

With a "Retrofit" project, the company decided in 2014, in addition to modernizing the pallet conveyor system, also to replace the underlying material flow computer by SAP TRM.

IGZ implemented this project as Prime Contractor.


The Friedhelm Loh Group (F.L.G.) operates with over 70 subsidiaries worldwide and offers products in more than 100 countries. Loh Services is the central services provider for the Friedhelm Loh Group.

With more than 10,000 employees, RITTAL is the largest company in the Friedhelm Loh Group and is numbered among the international market leaders for switch cabinets and housing systems.

In addition to its headquarters in Herborn, in Germany the company operates two global distribution centers (Rittershausen, Haiger) and a further 7 logistic centers. Worldwide, RITTAL operates a total of 77 sites.

[The automatic pallet high bay storage at the Rittershausen site entered service in 1985 and was modernized in 2000. In all, 11 pallet stacker cranes are in use, including an extensive pallet conveyor system. With the system, RITTAL was formerly using Siemens S5 controllers. As a warehouse administration system, RITTAL was using SAP LES in conjunction with a proprietary material flow computer.

RITTAL commissioned IGZ in advance with a retrofit check. The purpose of this was to investigate the previous modernization measures in depth, including replacement of the underlying material flow computer by SAP TRM. In this connection, IGZ generated jointly with RITTAL a provider-neutral statement of requirements. RITTAL subsequently decided to appoint IGZ as Prime Contractor for a comprehensive modernization of the pallet conveyor system and renewal of the safety systems. In this plan, SAP TRM should also be introduced.

Step 1: Security systems renewal

  • Higher level security control
  • Installation of additional security features
  • PROFISafe bus system
  • Introduction of system visualization based on WinCC

Step 2: S5 controller replacement

  • Exchange Siemens S5 for S7 controller
  • SAP TRM as MFS
  • S7 connection to SAP TRM
  • Modernization of the connection to the 11 stacker cranes
  • Integration of camera systems (RBG, FT) for effective fault analysis

Step 3: Hardware modernization

  • Exchange Interbus-S for Profinet peripherals
  • Exchange frequency converter
  • Installation of a new laser path measuring system for the QVW´s
  • Installation of new 24V power supplies
Key Facts

  • Worldwide immediate delivery program
  • 180,000 pallet places
  • > 260,000m² storage area


  • 3 hall complex
  • Production of 600,000 switch cabinet housings a year
  • Pallet high bay storage
  • 11 stacker cranes/11 lanes
  • 15,000 pallet places
  • 4,500 pallet movements daily
  • 23 loading ramps
  • 70 truckloads daily
  • Worldwide immediate delivery program


  • Pallet high bay storage
  • Shuttle store
  • 5 hall complex
  • 40 loading ramps
  • Increase of throughput or quantity of finished goods by 50%
  • Halving cycle times
  • 80 truckloads daily