As part of the strategic realignment of the group's logistics, the new European Central Distribution Center (CDC) was built in Kempten. The CDC was equipped with powerful SAP LES standard software for the logistics processes, as well as with modern warehousing and conveyor systems with completely paperless online implementation by data wireless.

The PLANSEE company group, with its subsidiaries, is numbered among the world's leading manufacturers of powdered metal products and components. PLANSEE employees a workforce of some 6,500 worldwide.

Modern technologies demand much of the materials used. For these purposes, the company group offers essential materials in the high-performance materials, hard metals and tools sector.

The newly constructed Central Distribution Center in Kempten ensures overnight delivery throughout Europe with more than 40,000 different items. Deliveries to Kempten come from the Reutte (Austria), Mamer (Luxemburg) and Gabrovo (Bulgaria) production sites.

For supporting all operational logistic processes, such as scanner-supported storage from the different production plants, paperless picking and efficient issuing with automatic conveyor systems, packing and dispatch by express parcel carrier to the customer. The finished parts are already packed and delivered in containers as SAP handling units from the main production workshop in Austria. Real-time processing, path optimizing and an optimized cycle time were achieved by an ideal interplay between online data wireless and conveyor systems.

The transport and express service providers are integrated with SAP-XSI for online tracking & tracing.

SAP console (mobile data capture): RADIO FREQUENCY

  • Mobile goods inward recording
  • Barcode support
  • Paperless picking
  • Path optimizing
  • Pick & pack
  • Loading inspection

SAP HUM (SAP Handling Unit Management): PACKAGE MANAGEMENT

  • Package management
  • Itemized contents list
  • Simple WE/WA scanning
  • 2-stage package structure
  • NVE/SSCC barcode
  • Package history
  • Traceability


  • Dispatch label printing
  • Tracking numbers
  • Routing information
  • Load manifest
  • Loading list
  • Track & trace
  • Electronic goods connection

  • Use of SAP Handling Unit Management for managing movable transport frames and containers
  • SAP radio frequency monitor for monitoring picking orders, transferred with SAP console
  • SAP express cockpit for producing all dispatch papers and labels for carriers - UPS, DPD, DHL, DACHSER, etc. - with electronic weighing connection and online track & trace from SAP
  • Customs system interface for supporting import and export

  • Central SAP system in computer center with site connection by leased line
  • Data wireless system with 25 hand terminals with integrated Psion Teklogix scanners
  • Automatic container conveyor system with 6 TGW picking stations

  • Higher transparency of the complete warehousing process and inventory
  • automatic, paperless assignment of orders into picking
  • quick, optimized order cycle time
  • Investment security through the release capability of SAP LES standard software
  • Lower error quotas with comprehensive barcode use
  • Shortening of picking paths by means of conveyor system support
  • Direct connection of carriers with direct label printing from SAP
  • Real time handling of all processes by means of data wireless and hand-held terminals
  • Comprehensive site integration of all material and information flows
  • Work simplification for employees through unambiguous instructions and path saving
  • Improved customer connection through higher grade of service and increased quality of service
Key Facts


  • Reutte (A) production plant
  • Central Distribution Center Kempten


  • 6,000 square meters working area
  • 70,000 storage spaces
  • 40,000 items
  • 1,500 dispatches daily
  • 80,000 picks/month
  • 12 packing places


  • Design phase starting from 07.2001
  • Implementation starting from 10.2001
  • Test phase starting from 02.2002
  • Introduction starting from 04.2002