At its Gams SG production site, Ortlinghaus AG has successfully introduced a strategically important building block for Industrie 4.0 with SAP ME.

With implementation of the SAP ME (Manufacturing Execution) production control software, the upgrade to a fully paperless and system-driven order production system with comprehensive traceability over the entire manufacturing process is complete. The SAP ME production software, scalable and configurable, offers peak performance and flexibility with maximum standardization. Typical of SAP, this MES solution is extensively configurable and upgradeable with an extensive degree of flexibility.


Founded in 1898, the Ortlinghaus Group is an independent family company, with its focus on the future and a history going back more than 100 years.

As a leading specialist in the manufacture of plates for switched friction couplings, brakes, rotary inlets and compact drives, including the associated hydraulics and controls, Ortlinghaus develops and produces top of the range performers in drive systems. Target sectors and applications are also, inter alia, press, naval, construction plant and agricultural systems, with many more.

The company, now managed by the fourth generation of the family, has a workforce of more than 550 on production sites in Germany, Switzerland and in China.

Owing to constantly increasing demands for faultless traceability and owing to the high costs associated with the time to handle printed documents (manual printing, distribution, search, updating) Ortlinghaus AG decided to introduce SAP Manufacturing Execution (ME).

With SAP ME, Ortlinghaus AG has available a Manufacturing Execution System, which fits seamlessly into the existing SAP system landscape and fulfills high MES demands.

Inter alia, this includes better transparency in the entire production process, production increase by cycle time reduction and reduction of administrative overheads by eliminating "interfering effects" on the production process, e.g., manual recording activities and laborious paper production control.

SAP ME (SAP Manufacturing Execution): TRACEABILITY

  • WIP stock control
  • Recording process parameters
  • Online ACTUAL time feedback
  • Complete production log

SAP ME (SAP Manufacturing Execution): PROCESS SAFETY

  • Process locking and non-compliance management
  • Comprehensive quality data capture
  • Error avoidance by means of quality gates
  • Real time process information


  • Electronic work instructions
  • Online production data capture
  • System-driven assembly / production
  • Online test logs

  • SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization (SAP APO)
  • SAP Manufacturing Execution 15.1
  • SAP ERP – SAP ME standard integration
  • Efficient and ergonomic SAP ME operator terminals (Touch Production Operator Dashboard)
  • Integration of production documents and work instructions
  • SAP ERP ECC 6.0 EHP 6
  • Non-compliance management and production routing
  • SAP ERP DRF (Data Replication Framework)

  • Perfect standard integration in existing SAP system landscape
  • Online control of order stocks at the workstation
  • Securing test and audit steps through process locking
  • Paperless production through system-driven assembly/production
  • Reduction of cycle times and inventory by active WIP management
  • Automatic recording and feedback, e.g. for test evidence and logs
  • Comprehensive traceability over the complete manufacturing process

„With SAP ME, we have a MES system which fits into our existing SAP landscape and which could help us to optimize our order implementation and reduce errors.“

Ortlinghaus AG

Key Facts


  • Gams (CH)


  • 125 SAP workstations
  • 36,500 material masters
  • 8,600 works schedules with 34,000 processes a year
  • 2,100 different materials a year
  • 40,000 feedback messages on processes a year
  • Deliveries in 38 countries
  • Production of volume products and customized versions