As the Meyer Burger Group's lead company, MB Wafertec is implementing at its Gwatt site at Thun (CH) a new, automated warehouse management system based on SAP EWM and the material flow control component SAP MFS.

By dispensing with middleware or sub-systems, MB Wafertec is achieving a comprehensive integration from ERP level to SPC level and thus combined an ideal use of a logistics and material flow system in a near-production environment. All this on the basis of the trailblazing SAP SCM platform. IGZ is also the principal contact for implementation of the entire project, with responsibility for system performance.

MB Wafertec is the leading provider of special sawing machines and system solutions for splitting hard and brittle materials. Applications are mainly in the solar power industry (photovoltaics), the semi-conductor industry and in optics. In these markets, the very thinnest silicon or sapphire wafers are needed to manufacture solar modules or high-power LEDs.

On capacity and efficient grounds, the Supervisory Board and management decided to collocate all the divisions in a new build in Gwatt, Thun. To guarantee the best possible processes for future production and for research and development, as well as the best possible working conditions for the other divisions, a new building was for some 650 employees was erected on an area of approximately 15,000 m2, for over 700 employees. In April 2012, Meyer Burger moved into the new building.

With its corporate SAP strategy, Meyer Burger follows a standard system architecture by means of an integrated and comprehensive solution in all its divisions, as far as possible.

Dispensing with external systems minimizes both interfaces and risks. Again, the objective of establishing a unitary and comprehensive user interface for handling production and storage processes through the use of a standard software can be achieved with the use of SAP.

As part of the new build, Meyer Burger chose SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) as the new warehouse management and material flow control system (SAP MFS) and at the same time extended the selected SAP IT strategy significantly. A future-oriented supply chain solution with a high degree of integration in an automated warehouse forms a flexible basis for future developments.

In this connection building up independent know-how in a near-production environment using this implementation project is important.

SAP EWM (SAP Extended Warehouse Management): WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT

  • Warehouse movement optimization
  • Load management
  • Deconsolidation in the WE
  • Resource management
  • Transport integration with ERP
  • Multi-order picking
  • ABC classification



  • Production supply
  • Direct labeling of order pallets
  • Comprehensive integration of incorrect part handling
  • Automatic supply management
  • Just-in-time supply
  • SAP ITSmobile introduction



  • Automatic HRL connection through SAP MFS
  • Put-to-light at WzP places for target pallet display
  • Automatic advance supply management zone
  • Direct SAP connection with automatic small parts store cardex
  • Control station monitoring 

  • SAP ERP 6.04 with FI/CO, MM, QM, PP, SD modules
  • SAP SCM 7.01 with EWM Extended Warehouse Management
  • Direct control of SPC S7 through SAP MFS
  • Just-in-time production supply
  • Automated goods-to-the-person picking with pallet unloading
  • High picking safety through "Put-to-light"
  • Data wireless/barcode with SAP ITSmobile
  • Central monitoring with warehouse management monitor
  • Microsoft Windows 2003 with VMWare and Microsoft SQL

  • Future-oriented and homogeneous SAP SCM solution consistent with Meyer Burger AG's in-house IT strategy
  • Lean system architecture with comprehensive inventory strategy
  • Operating safety through a high degree of integration with SAP SCM modules (CRM, GTS, SRM, APO, etc.) 
  • Independence and flexibility through dispensing with middleware or subsystems
  • Investment protection through open platform for integration of additional features
  • Optimum system use and "just-in-time“ supply
  • System performance responsibility (1 contact = IGZ)

"By using innovative SAP EWM/MFS technology, an integrative and trailblazing system structure is available to us. With a strong partner in IGZ, we have been able to profit from immense logistic and SAP skills and bring innovative ideas into logistics optimization.” 

MB Wafertec

Key Facts


  1. Gwatt, Thun (CH)


  • 3-lane, automatic high bay storage with 3 RBGs
  • 5,160 pallet places
  • 15,000 items in the shuttle
  • Pre-storage area on 3 levels and vertical conveyor
  • 120 pallets per hour total output
  • Production capacity approx. 2,000 machines a year
  • 15 SAP RF users


  • Beginning of fine design: March 2011
  • Implementation conclusion: January 2012
  • Go-Live: May 2012