The successful sausage producer Hans Kupfer & Sohn GmbH & Co. KG was forced to rebuild the production facilities and warehouse logistics at its Heilsbronn site in Franconia following a major fire.

Kupfer focused on full integration of its warehousing logistics in SAP. Using the SAP Logistics Execution System (SAP LES) the whole material flow and the new automated pallet high-bay storage systems were mapped, together with the full warehouse management system with the SAP LES / TRM components.

Kupfer now benefits from a clearly structured, modern and consistent IT architecture that does not require any external warehouse management and material flow control components. The advantage is a transparent and consistent logistics process that grows with the company as it develops in future and, if required, can easily be adapted to suit.


Tradition, quality, innovation – three concepts that embody the philosophy of the famous sausage producer Hans Kupfer & Sohn GmbH & KG. Founded in Heilsbronn, the traditional company has been owned by the family since 1906. 

Since then the company has opened three production sites: in Heilsbronn, Nuremberg and Günthersleben. 

Popular specialties, such as the Nuremberg Original or the Thuringian Rostbratwürste, are produced to original recipes at the Nuremberg and Günthersleben facilities. 

The annual production volume from all sites, which together employ around 850 employees, amounts to approx. 36,000 tonnes. 

Due to the high hygiene and quality standards that Kupfer consistently maintains, the business is in the position of also being able to export products such as its ham and sausage specialties to the US and Japan.

Around 28,000 tonnes of sausage products leave the main facility in Heilsbronn each year. On account of a devastating and major fire that occurred midway through 2006 Kupfer was forced to rebuild the production facilities and the whole warehouse logistics premises. 

Since the sausage producer already uses SAP ERP 5.0 for business processes, as part of the future reconstruction Kupfer favored warehouse logistics that would be fully integrated within SAP. 

With the SAP Logistics Execution System (SAP LES) SAP ERP offers both warehouse management and also a material flow management component that would be fully integrated within SAP (SAP TRM). This convinced Kupfer to map the new automated pallet warehouse (APL) in SAP LES / TRM and to do without a multi-level IT architecture with external warehouse management and material flow control components. 

Thanks to SAP LES / TRM Kupfer benefits long-term from transparent and consistent logistics processes that can be adapted efficiently to match dynamic corporate growth.


  • Parameterizable storage and retrieval strategies
  • Order control in picking and packing
  • Radio data transmission processes in picking and WA
  • Uniform RBG capacity, order allocation

SAP TRM (SAP Task and Resource Management): MATERIAL FLOW

  • Release and allocation of the storage and removals orders in SAP TRM
  • Automated preparation of the tours depending on sequence
  • Direct connection to production via conveyor systems
  • Automated empty plate and empty tray request

SAP RFID (Radio Frequency): RFID LOGGING

  • Automated RFID logging
  • Selection of RFID data via PLC to SAP LES / TRM
  • Bulk logging of goods to be stored via RFID gates
  • Provision and transmission of RFID data directly from SAP LES, for example

  • Centralized SAP LES Logistics Execution System with SAP TRM Task and Resource Management
  • Control of warehouse tasks and resources using SAP LES / TRM standard software
  • Real-time connection between subordinate control level (PLC) and SAP TRM
  • Utilization of a Track and Trace solution via RFID, for uninterrupted goods tracking with a direct connection to SAP LES / TRM
  • Direct SAP radio data transmission: Mobile radio terminals for use in picking and outgoing goods

  • Direct coupling of SAP TRM with subordinate controllers Siemens SIMATIC S7 (RBGs, conveyor systems, etc.)
  • Automated tray and pallet conveyor systems (general contractor: LTW Intralogistics)
  • Automated stretching and labeling of the shipping pallets

  • Homogeneous IT architecture that minimizes interfaces and is based on SAP LES / TRM standard functions
  • Full SAP-integrated IT architecture through a centralized SAP ERP – SAP LES approach
  • Future-proofed design and investment protection through the use of market-leading software (SAP)
  • Release-ready SAP standard software and independence from solutions provided by third party suppliers
  • High process flexibility through in-house SAP expertise
  • Clear material flow monitoring, as well as meaningful and timely information regarding inventory and MHD in SAP

“Thanks to IGZ installing the direct connection of our automated pallet warehouse to SAP LES / TRM we benefit from a lean and efficient IT architecture in our logistics that was implemented on schedule and within budget.” 

Hans Kupfer & Sohn GmbH & Co. KG

Key Facts


  • Heilsbronn


  • 4-lane, automated high-bay storage system with 4 RBGs
  • Spaces for 4,000 pallets
  • Tray and pallet conveyor systems across 2 tiers
  • 2 automated transfer cars
  • 35 shipping lanes in the outgoing goods area
  • RFID gates for autom. logging of incoming goods
  • Automated pallet checking station (pallet quality)
  • Stretch and labeling stations integrated into the conveyor flow
  • 16 packing work spaces for A and B items
  • Picking area for C items


  • Complete detailed specification of requirements August 2007
  • Implementation phase September to November 2007
  • Test phase November 2007 to February 2008
  • Begin rollout in March 2008