What brothers Carl and Heinrich Heinemann began in 1879 has developed over four generations into one of the most significant distributors and retailers on the international travel market. Today, Gebr. Heinemann supplies airports, airlines, cruise ships and border shops in over 100 countries with products in segments including Perfumes & Cosmetics, Wine & Spirits, Confectionery, Delicatessen and many more.

To meet the rising demands within multi-channel retail, Gebr. Heinemann chose to equip the new, highly automated multi-channel logistics center at Erlensee throughout with the SAP EWM / MFS warehouse management and material flow control system.


Successful trade is always based on a seamless interplay of all the partners in the process. Alongside skilled employees, ultra-modern logistics are essential for Gebr. Heinemann's market leadership throughout Europe.

The owner-run company employs approx. 5,500 employees worldwide and, in 2012, generated a consolidated Group turnover of EUR 2.4 bn. IGZ client Gebr. Heinemann supplies around 1,000 clients in over 70 countries and administers over 1,500 brands from approx. 1,000 suppliers. Gebr. Heinemann operates 227 Duty Free & travel stores, as well as brand and concept shops at 59 international airports.

Gebr. Heinemann operates two logistics centers. The Allermöhe (Hamburg) warehouse, which is approx. 46,000m², stores 53,000 items. 25,000 dispatch note items on approx. 1,500 pallets (100 lorries) are handled there on a daily basis. Another highly automated warehouse in Erlensee was built as part of the project.

The continual sales growth, spreading the risk through a second logistics center – furthermore, however, the integration of multi-channel retailing and the integration of the ‘home delivery’ business segment were critical in the decision to build a new – highly automated – logistics center.

Following a deployment analysis, Gebr. Heinemann chose IGZ to implement SAP EWM. High SAP ERP integration, minimization of risk and future-proofing through SAP standard software as well as the direct connection of the complete highly automated logistics system engineering via the SAP MFS components are key reasons for choosing SAP EWM / MFS.

IGZ acted as a 'logistics sparring partner' with general contractor expertise, SAP EWM / MFS project center for design, implementation, testing and rollout.

SAP EWM (SAP Extended Warehouse Management): STORAGE PROCESSES

  • Storage of the same items in different sales units
  • Customs warehouse, GTS integration
  • Value Added Services (VAS)
  • Hanging garments and humidor storage

SAP EWM (SAP Extended Warehouse Management): OUTBOUND

  • Case Calculation
  • Shipping carton sequencing for palletizing
  • Pick & Pack
  • Route planning, yard management

SAP EWM (SAP Material Flow System): MATERIAL FLOW

  • Direct SAP-PLC communication in all facilities (incl. shuttle)
  • Routing and capacity management
  • Pick-to-Light
  • Automated weighing

  • SAP EWM / MFS 9.0
  • SAP ERP Retail ECC 6.0
  • SAP BI
  • SAP PI
  • Extended SAP Express Ship Interface
  • Extended SAP ITSmobile
  • IGZ PLC Emulation

  • Automated tray storage: 130,600 tray / carton spaces
  • 64 shuttles (SSI Schäfer), can be expanded to up to 120 shuttles
  • Direct shuttle control (SAP EWM / MFS) via TCP/IP interface
  • 2 load-handling attachments per shuttle, max. 2 cartons per LAM
  • ~ 8,400 double cycles / h
  • 2 shuttles can move around at the same time / overlapping in 1 module (lane)
  • 60 tray lifters, likewise controlled directly via SAP EWM / MFS
  • Double depth storage

  • Business transformation
  • Subsystems are passé: Warehouse management and material flow completely in SAP EWM / MFS
  • Simulation of quantity structures
  • Mass testing using IGZ test tools allows the potential for optimization and adaptation to be identified prior to plant ramp-up
  • SAP EWM / MFS for multi-channel retail
  • Ramp-up participation using the latest SAP EWM release functions

“In each phase of the project the collaboration with IGZ was goal-oriented and effective. IGZ is a flexible partner with a broad spectrum of expertise when it comes to logistics and SAP EWM / MFS. Further joint ventures are in the pipeline!”

Gebr. Heinemann

Key Facts


  • Erlensee (Frankfurt)


  • 40.000 m² transshipment area
  • 45,000 items in stock
  • Processing up to 500,000 telegrams per hour, up to 200 telegrams / sec.
  • 10 multi-order picking stations, up to 12 shipping cartons
  • ~ 800 deliveries WA / day
  • ~ 30,000 delivery pos. WA / day
  • ~ 400,000 VEs / day
  • ~ 750 pallets WA / day
  • ~ 45,000 cartons WA / day
  • ~ 100 lorries / day
  • 28 gates (Inbound / Outbound)


  • ~ 500 pallet movements / h
  • High-bay storage system 22,900 spaces, 8 RBGs (SSI Schäfer)
  • ~ 260 double cycles / h
  • ~ 25 depalletizing spaces
  • In-floor towline conveyors with 13 vehicles (ROFA) with up to 285 double cycles / hour
  • Forklift picking (tablet PCs)


  • ~ 2.100 carton movements / h