The warehouse management system SAP LES/TRM controls the existing central logistics centre of Bayer Schering Pharma in Leverkusen. Balance sheet of the SAP integration are fully harmonised and transparent processes that are always flexible and they can be parametrised to growing and changing requirements.


The Enics Schweiz AG is the top technology partner in industrial electronics and medical technology. Universal and integrated solutions are based on a comprehensive range of services in the engineering, manufacturing, after sales and demand & supply chain management.

From capacity and efficiency at the same time, supervisory board and board of management have decided to invest in order to increase transparency and to unify the processes at the site Turgi in an extensive optimization of warehousing and production logistics. This step was necessary to ensure the future sustainability of production and to meet the vision of "world-wide leading EMS provider in industry electronics and medical technology".

The Enics Schweiz AG with its enterprise-wide SAP MES strategy (SAP manufacturing execution) pursues a unified system architecture through an integrated and comprehensive solution in all manufacturing plants. At the site - Turgi, Switzerland - all SAP supply chain execution applications find application (SAP ERP, SAP LES / TRM, SAP ME).

In the context of necessary logistics modernization, Enics opted for SAP logistics execution system (LES) as a new warehouse management system and SAP task and resource management (TRM) as material flow control system. To increase the efficiency and traceability in production, Enics additionally opted for SAP manufacturing execution (ME). Thus, Enics continues to consistently pursue the started SAP IT strategy. A future-oriented.
Supply Chain Execution solution with a high level of integration in the automatic warehouse and production now provides a flexible basis for future market demands and developments.

  • SAP ERP with the modules FI / CO, MM, QM, PP, SD
  • SAP LES as a replacement of the old warehouse management system "Lakos"
  • Direct control of the PLC S7 by SAP TRM
  • Integration of assembly stations
  • Integration of location-specific requirements in Turgi
  • Integration of MPS, Siplace

  • Future-oriented and homogeneous SAP SCE solution suitable for the internal IT-strategy of Enics Schweiz AG
  • Slim system architecture with continuous inventory transparency
  • Operating certainty due to high level of integration with the SAP modules ERP, LES, and ME
  • Independence and flexibility by dispensing with middleware or subsystems
  • Investment protection through open platform for integration of additional features
  • Traceability with component traceability in production
  • Logistics and production (ONE contact person = IGZ)

"We approach the future with secure feeling owing to the innovative SAP SCM technology as well as the SAP manufacturing execution in order to increase our efficiency and transparency. With the reliable partner IGZ on our side, we could benefit from great logistics and SAP expertise and bring innovative ideas into the logistics optimization."

Chrischan Weisshaupt | Project Manager
Enics Schweiz AG, Turgi (CH)  


Key Facts


  • Turgi (CH)


  • General contractor
  • Automatic inventory control
  • Production supply
  • Direct SAP PLC coupling
  • Machine connection

SAP Product

  • SAP ME
  • dez. LES


  • 4 Fully automatic carousel warehouse
  • Kardex shuttles
  • 8 Picking stations
  • MPS Panasonic


EWM milestones

  • Start fine design: Nov. 2010
  • Final implementation: Aug. 2012

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