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Our goal is an ever-growing variety of products with the highest customer satisfaction. We can only suffice this task with an application that automates our warehousing and synchronizes the production.

Gerhard Schweiger | IT Project Lead curamik elektronics GmbH

Heat is produced when electrical current flows. For efficient thermal management applications as used for wind turbines and industrial robots or in the automotive industry, curamik produces ceramic semiconductor wafers, known as DBC (Direct Bond Copper) substrates and coolers. In this carefully-controlled manufacturing process, copper is bonded to insulating industrial ceramic.

Stock keeping and production must also be adequately synchronised. Accordingly, the company worked with SAP Special Expertise Partner IGZ to deploy the SAP Logistics Execution System (SAP LES) and SAP Task and Resource Management (SAP TRM) solutions. Both are integrated into SAP ERP and require no subsystems or middleware.

The 6,000 bays of curamik's warehouse are used to store "mastercards": these are semi-finished products composed of copper and ceramic in various material ratios, depending on the sales order. On goods receipt, they are recorded and categorised by an RFID scanner. The automated small part storage system assigns them a shelf location and forwards all data wirelessly to the software application. When production starts, the application indicates the storage bin from which the matching resource
needs to be taken. "A matching error here would be fatal. "This new, powerful solution gives us automated control of our warehouse and lets us complete larger orders more quickly," says IT project manager Gerhard Schweiger.

This is enabled by SAP LES (SAP Logistics Execution System) in combination with SAP TRM (SAP Task and Resource Management) – the integrated component for material flow control. With its in-depth knowledge of this field, IGZ was the partner of choice for curamik's project. Thanks to the
new technology, the market leader's mastercards are now deployed throughout the global power electronics industry.


  • Name: curamik electronics GmbH
  • Location: Eschenbach, Germany
  • Industry: Power electronics
  • Products and services: DBC substrates and coolers
  • Employees: 600
  • Website:
  • Implementation partner: IGZ
  • SAP solutions: SAP ERP, SAP LES, SAP TRM



  • Model an automated small parts storage system in SAP
  • Ensure real-time data exchange using a Radio Frequency Identity (RFID) system
  • Document physical differences of ceramic resources
  • Coordinate double-deep storage


Decision to use SAP LES and SAP TRM

  • Homogeneous SAP platform
  • Rapid and flexible process adjustments
  • No deployment of external systems
  • Maximum availability and system stability

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