With its premium "Bitburger" brand, the BITBURGER Group is one of Germany's largest brewery groups.

Members of the BITBURGER brewery group include the premium brands Bitburger, König Pilsener, Köstritzer, Licher and Wernesgrüner.
The company postes annual sales volumes of a couple of million hectolitres. BITBURGER employs people at five sites and is one of Germany's leading beverage producers.

The BITBURGER brand is Germany's most popular draught beer and has sponsored the German national football team for over 20 years.

Its best-known product is the pleasantly dry "Bitburger Premium Pils". The non-alcoholic and isotonic range "Bitburger 0.0%" was launched on the market in February 2013.
BITBURGER decided to introduce an innovative warehouse management and pallet tracking system at its Bitburg premises. The system combines SAP LES (SAP Logistics Execution System), RFID geolocation and automated scanning functionality on pallet approach.

This has ensured the automated and complete transparency of container movements, as well as meeting the requirements of EU 178/2002 – and all without sacrificing efficiency.

Due to the stringent requirements for the batch-level traceability of containers, BITBURGER was looking for a solution that would guarantee traceability while simultaneously safeguarding warehouse throughput.

For this reason, the project BITBURGER ultimately decided on introduced a fully paperless system for warehouse processes (using radio frequency), aided by the SAP Logistics Execution System (LES) integrated into SAP ERP (SAP Enterprise-Resource-Planning), plus SAP Handling Unit Management (SAP HUM).

SAP software implementation

Radio Frequency

  •     Radio frequency control of all warehouse processes
  •     Radio frequency support for dispatch staging
  •     Mobile label printing
  •     Graphical user interface with touchscreen
  •     Radio frequency


SAP EWM (SAP Extended Warehouse Management) Picking

  •     Transportation-linked picking
  •     Just-in-time optimisation of warehouse orders
  •     Paperless picking
  •     Staging for dispatch
  •     Picking


SAP EWM (SAP Extended Warehouse Management) Transportation

  •     Route monitor for transportation planning/rescheduling
  •     Use of shipping HUs
  •     Multi-modal handling
  •     Mobile loading checks
  •     Loading

  • Visualisation of warehouse topology stored in SAP
  • SAP control station functionality with 3D warehouse visualisation
  • Real-time stock display in 3D, also for empties
  • Virtual warehouse tour possible
  • Visual display of statistical data using charts
  • Offline mode for displayed states stored in the system

  • Future-proof thanks to the SAP software suite (no WMS subsystems)
  • Full transparency for all material flows in the warehouse
  • Comprehensive batch management with Handling Unit Management
  • Quality improvements thanks to electronic loading checks
  • Time savings thanks to automated scanning operations
  • 100% read rate (even with stacker speeds of 25 km/h or wet factory floors)

SAP HUM (SAP Handling Unit Management): BATCH TRACEABILITY

  • Fully-autom. pallet identification with attached scanners
  • System-assisted plant stock transfer processes
  • Transponder-assisted loading bay management
  • Autom. loading checks via gate PC with laser scanner


SAP WM (SAP Warehouse Management) SAP GUI (SAP Graphical User Interface) mobile: RADIO FREQUENCY

  • Stackers with graphical terminals featuring HTML and ActiveX (3D screens)
  • Pick + Pack handling with case picking
  • Transponder-assisted pallet grouping functions
  • Block-wise pallet removal



  • Pallet identification of transfer points from production via transponder
  • Multi-pallet handling (4x, 6x) plus identification
  • Autom. storage bin ID via transponder (RFID)
Key Facts


  • 5 premises
  • Head office in Bitburg, Germany



  • Annual sales of 7.49 million hl (all brands)
  • Annual sales of 4 million hl (Bitburger)
  • Exports to approx. 60 countries worldwide
  • ??250 HGVs per day
  • Average of approx. 10,000 GR/GI pallets per day
  • 7,680 RFID factory-floor transponders (Bitburg)
  • ??89 access points (Bitburg)
  • ??27 stackers (Bitburg)


Loading area, Bitburg

  • Approx. 350 bulk storage bins
  • Approx. 29,000 pallet bays


External warehouse, Bitburg

  • Approx. 280 bulk storage bins
  • Approx. 78,700 pallet bays



  • ??18 months

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