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The BERICAP group is worldwide among the largest manufacturers of plastic closure caps for the beverage, food and non-food sector. BERICAP's employees produce a couple of billions of closure caps per year. A plastic closure cap is essentially produced in three steps: A precursor of the closure cap is created by injection moulding. In the second part, different components are mounted, for example the sealing washer is inserted into the cap. At the end, the closure cap is printed.

BERICAP opts for a market-oriented production to respond quickly and flexibly to the requirements of each customer. For this purpose, the group operates 23 production sites in 20 countries and sales offices in more than 70 countries.

Although the production is largely automated, many work processes at BERICAP were still based on paper. For instance, the sequence planning of production in SAP ERP order sheets, control and nominal/actual data sheets were created and printed out.

Moreover, procedures supplied together with the sheets in the production were also on paper. BERICAP sought the introduction of SAP MII, a standard MES solution by SAP, to increase both transparency and efficiency in production, and with IGZ, the leading SAP project house for production, they teamed up with a professional implementation partner. The production plant at the company's headquarters in Budenheim near Mainz was selected as a pilot site.

  • Complete transparency in production
  • Direct data acquisition enables online visualisation of the ACTUAL state
  • Early warning system: online hint on emerging problems
  • Realistic data about machine performance
  • Timely reporting with valid database
  • Group-wide uniform indicators whilst production remains decentralised
  • Detection of sources of error and confounding factors
  • Ease of detailing and extension of information possible
  • In-process information to the operator
  • Deployment of production-accompanying documents (procedure / test instructions) in the current form
  • Central requirement for the order valid process / machine parameters
  • Increase of quality and efficiency
  • System-based, production accompanying collection of quality and production data
  • Improvement of machine utilization (reducing overproduction and waiting times)
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  • Plant Data Collection (PDC)
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