In 2008, in Asten, Austria, backaldrin Österreich GmbH sent out a highly visible signal of continued company growth in the form of an ultra-modern, automated high-bay pallet storage system.??

To enable the management of the inventories and control of the logistics processes to keep up with this growth, backaldrin relies on a consistent warehouse logistics IT system that is integrated into SAP. The Upper Austrian company thus also benefits from the manifold advantages of a release-ready and future-proofed SAP software platform for its warehouse logistics procedures that functions without any subsystems.??

The connection of the SAP Logistics Execution Systems (SAP LES) in conjunction with Task and Resource Management (SAP TRM) takes place directly down to the subordinate control level (PLC).

Bakeries and confectioners around the world rely on backaldrin’s technical expertise and its range of over 400 different products. The backaldrin company has its headquarters in Asten, Upper Austria. As an international, leading manufacturer of baking agents, flavorings, seasonings and organic products, backaldrin operates in over a dozen countries and has a presence in over 80 countries around the globe thanks to its distribution partnerships.

The raw ingredients created by backaldrin are individually manufactured according to specification. The business was set up in 1964. Its most popular products, internationally too, are its Kornspitz rolls and PURPUR purple wheat bread. The backaldrin philosophy is informed on the one hand by values such as tradition, quality and proximity to the customer and, on the other hand, by a willingness to innovate. The product range on the market is being continually expanded.

Even before the construction of the new high-bay storage system backaldrin used SAP Warehouse Management (SAP WM), which was integrated within SAP 4.7. All stock movements on a storage bay level are mapped to provide a basis for batch traceability.

To keep the IT applications and system equally simple for the fully automated pallet warehouses, the integration of the material flow control into the existing IT landscape was therefore also tested. This approach was chosen because it can be mapped using the SAP WM functions and SAP Task and Resource Management (SAP TRM) integrated within the SAP Logistics Execution (SAP LES). It proved decisive: all storage processes in the new high-bay pallet storage system, which is used both for production supplies and removals, as well as stockpiling finished products on full pallets, can be comprehensively managed using SAP LES / TRM. SAP TRM communicates directly with the subordinate levels of the programmable logic controller without an external material flow controller being required.

For backaldrin this provides the advantages of a stringent and lean IT architecture, e.g. minimizing of interfaces and the cost benefits that go with this; the high level of transparency of logistics processes; and the possibility of aligning these through in-house SAP expertise.


  • Parameterizable storage and retrieval strategies
  • Autom. production supplies and removals (conveyor systems)
  • Pallet pairing for double-depth storage
  • Picking and loading using SAP radio data transmission

SAP TRM (SAP Task and Resource Management): MATERIAL FLOW

  • Processing of TRM-relevant SAP shipping orders
  • SAP RBG and FT management (direct SAP-PLC coupling)
  • Travel control via registration plate (soft or performance drive)
  • Connection of autom. winders / labelers
  • Reorganization functions

SAP LES / TRM (SAP Logistics Execution System / SAP Task and Resource Management): SEQUENCING

  • WA sequencing for truck loading (dispatch preparation)
  • Sequence grouping in SAP WM, sequence compliance
  • Automated specification of a sequence group via i-dot
  • Planning of shipping lanes for tours is done via SAP Cockpit

  • SAP R/3 4.7 with integrated SAP Warehouse Management as well as SAP LES / TRM
  • SAP LES / TRM in the integrated SAP ERP environment (i.e. no separate, decentralized SAP LES)
  • Direct SAP radio data transmission with SAP Console
  • Expansion of existing SAP WM strategies (e.g. for storage and removals)
  • Real-time transfer of travel commands from SAP TRM to the subordinate control levels
  • Ensuring ramp-up with the SAP TRM Test Simulation Tool (PLC simulation)

  • No need for a separate material flow level and thus minimization of the system interfaces
  • Homogenization of the processes by using a consistent SAP IT platform
  • Development of in-house SAP LES / TRM expertise and thus flexibility in relation to the process organization
  • Reduction of the maintenance, servicing and troubleshooting burden on IT storage logistics
  • Independence from external suppliers through the use of the transparent SAP LES / TRM solution
  • Investment protection through the application of a release-ready and future-proofed SAP standard software platform

  • Plant engineering including PLC carried out by SSI-Schäfer
  • High-bay grid storage (4 Euro pallets or 3 industry pallets can be allocated per grid)
  • Per shelf lane 1 double-depth shelf plus 1 shelf a single layer deep
  • SIEMENS S7 controllers

“For us, the consistency of the SAP IT processes is an important criterion for all business processes, especially with regard to the traceability required in the food sector. We saw IGZ as a reliable partner who rose to the challenge of both the SAP process integration and our requirements in terms of the material flow control.”

backaldrin Österreich GmbH

Key Facts


  • Asten (Austria)


  •  2,400 active items
  • 11,600 pallet spaces
  • of which 7,600 are double-depth spaces
  • 4 lanes, 4 autom. RBGs
  • SIEMENS S7 controller
  • 15 shipping lanes for truck loading (3 lanes per gate)
  • System designed for tri-level operation


  • Begin detailed concept: May 2007
  • Conclude implementation: November 2007
  • Go live: April 2008