What may it be today: delicious Tortellini, pork schnitzel cordon bleu, natural cod fillet or rack of lamb in a goat cheese crust?

apetito offers day-care, schools, businesses, clinics, senior facilities and providers of "Meals on wheels" individual catering solutions in the form of frozen products and catering services. The company, based in Rhine, a specialist for freezer fresh complete meals and menu components is considered one of the market innovation leaders in Europe.

The apetito AG commissioned a newly built, fully automatic deep-freeze warehouse (storage warehouse for ready goods) at the headquarters of Rhine.

The five million expensive investment in the new deep-freeze warehouse was necessary to decisively improve the logistic flow of goods. At the same time, the new building is also an important investment in the future, since increasing demand is still to be reckoned with.

For this, the company needs more storage capacity. In the course of continuous SAP strategy, apetito decided to deploy SAP TRM for the direct control of the stacker cranes in the fully automated high-bay warehouse.


  • Goods receipt from in-house production
  • Goods receipt from external
  • goods dispatch to distribution, other works and service providers
  • Retrieval, partial retrieval, loading
  • Production supply

SAP HUM (Handling Unit Management): BATCH TRACING

  • Handling with minimum shelf life information
  • Multi-level structures of packing structures
  • Figure NVE history
  • Batch information cockpit
  • Computer-aided works rearrangements

SAP TRM (SAP Task and Resource Management): HBW control

  • Direct PLC connectivity stacker handling equipment
  • Dynamic palette management
  • Aisle and storage space search
  • Routing
  • Provision simulation tool in the construction phase

  • Goods receipt from several production plants in the automatic high-bay warehouse
  • Capacity control of the storage and retrieval paths
  • Prioritisation for storage and retrieval or uniform distribution
  • Real-time PLC control
  • Full retrieval to shuttle
  • Picking of sample goods with re-storage
  • Conveyor simulation via PLC console in conjunction with simulation tool (IGZ)
  • TRM-monitor for monitoring / control of resources and pallets

  • Decentralised SAP LES system
  • SAP TRM for direct coupling with the subordinate control by PLC console
  • Subordinate control master PLC Siemens SIMATIC S7-400
  • Plant visualisation with WinCC

  • Real-time communication with PLC console
  • Powerful PLC simulation with monitoring
  • Process flexibility through full integration of material flow in SAP LES
  • Short test and commissioning times
  • PLC simulation for SAP communication tests already available during the new construction phase
  • Reduced service and maintenance costs
  • No dependence on third party suppliers (material flow computer)
  • 2-Tier architecture SAP-PLC (saving of middleware)
Key Facts


  • Rhine



  • approx. 2,300 menus in the assortment
  • approx. 100,000 tons of production quantity per year
  • approx. 16,000 pallet places of entire storage capacity
  • approx. 6,200 pallets pitches/HBW
  • 3 automatic stacker cranes
  • 2 Forklift trucks in the forward zone
  • approx. 700 GR pallets per day
  • approx. 700 GD pallets per day
  • 350,000 deliveries per year
  • 3-shift operation
  • 24-hour delivery


  • Start fine design: Nov. 2004
  • Final implementation: April 2005
  • Go-Live: October 2005


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