30/05/2008 | Bielefeld

In pursuing the further implementation of its master SAP strategy, Dr. Oetker has successfully replaced the legacy warehouse management and control system used for frozen pizza production and distribution with a centrally-supported SAP LES/TRM (Logistics Execution System/Task and Resource System) logistics solution.From goods receipt of the raw materials to production of the frozen pizzas and the loading of the finished and palletised products, SAP now gives goods movements the end-to-end traceability required by EU Regulation 178/202, down to each pallet and batch. At any point in time, SAP LES (SAP Logistics Execution System) has details of the stock (value and quantity), the storage bin and the production batch/date, using SAP TRM (SAP Task and Resource Management) to manage the four fu

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Multi- and double-deep storage

20.08.2006 | Walldorf/Falkenberg

Due to its considerable savings in volume, automated storage is increasingly being designed and implemented as a double- or multiple-deep system. One less aisle in the design also means one less stacker crane, which in turns reduces the level of capital expenditure. Recent studies show that even despite the inevitable relocation operations (in the absence of direct access to the bay far from the aisle), double-deep storage can yield higher rates of throughput than single-deep storage.Implementing multi-deep storage places its own special demandson the warehouse management and material flow control system, however, such as: Specialised putaway strategies, to minimise the likelihood of goods relocationReservation of handling units near the aisle for removal, wherever possiblePair formation a

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Fully-automated refrigerated HBW at APETITO AG

02/11/2005 | Rheine

For Apetito, the new warehouse with 6,000 pallet bays is an investment in the future – and in the IT systems deployed. Following a SAP LES (SAP Logistics Execution System) deployment analysis conducted by SAP LES (SAP Logistics Execution System) specialists from IGZ, Apetito decided to expand its existing SAP R/3 Logistics Execution System with SAP WMS and Handling Unit Management (SAP HUM) by an additional component: SAP Task and Resource Management (SAP TRM) was introduced to handle SAP material flow control for the fully-automated high-bay warehouse.No SAP subsystems are required:an architecture has now been created that consists of just two tiers – the SAP IT system itself and the underlying (SIEMENS S7) programmable logic controllers for the stacker cranes and pallet conveyor syst

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