Easy Maintenance with DIRECT VIEW

Virtual onsite support – With Easy Maintenance DIRECT VIEW, IGZ Customer Service provides you with real-time virtual onsite support around the clock.

Using camera-supported end devices (e.g. smart glasses, tablets, smartphones), live streams and voice are transmitted directly online between the on-site service employee and the central IGZ Customer Service. Thanks to its simple usability and handling, this mobile system offers an extensive and flexible range of applications, such as for incidents, maintenance, repairs or SAP dialogue processing for displaying workplace situations.

The use of DIRECT VIEW thus guarantees simple support and rapid resolution of service cases.

How it works

IGZ easy maintenance DIRECT VIEW comes into play where telephone support reaches its limits due to its purely voice-based transmission of information, such as during maintenance and repairs.

With the help of this system, the view of the on-site employee carrying out the repair is transmitted directly to an IGZ Customer Service employee via a camera integrated into the device. This happens in real time as a live stream,

which means the support visual as well as auditory, is carried out as if an ICS employee were directly on site.

This has the advantage that the ICS employee can see the same image as the customer’s employee. In addition, the ICS employee can display specific remedy notes in the form of screenshots or document extracts for effective solution finding. This facilitates troubleshooting and thus contributes to faster resolution.


  • Most modern data glasses such as Vuzix M300 or Epson Moverio BT-300
  • Compatible with industrial tablets and smartphones
  • Efficient processing of inquiries through coupling with the IGZ ticket system
  • Support for Windows and Android operating systems
  • Integration into existing WinCC visualisation systems
  • High level of security and privacy thanks to the latest encryption techniques
  • Communication via WiFi or LTE connection
  • Support of current Android and iOS smartphones


  • More efficient troubleshooting thanks to live transmission of the on-site situation
  • Flexible deployment: e.g: for maintenance, repairs or in case of malfunctions
  • Two-way communication
  • The smart glasses’ minimal weight make them comfortable to wear
  • Use of existing hardware possible (platform and device independent)
  • Four-eyes principle

Key Facts

  • Video guided online support
  • Step-by-Step instructions with augmented reality
  • IGZ helpline/hotline
  • High plant availability through minimization of downtimes
  • Flexible integration possibilities

Fields of application

  • Inside a warehouse where high operational quality is required
  • For malfunctions, maintenance and repairs
  • Can be used without problems in demanding storage areas