Retrofit at GOLL in Hard/Austria

Project brief:
Goll has modernised its existing pallet HBW and has lengthened the aisles.
A new conveyor system with storage/retrieval lanes has also been created at aisle ends. Extensions were also made to the previously modernised tote AS/RS. Existing pallet conveyor systems were also modernised.
Project specifications:

  • Modernisation of DEMAG PAL conveyor system

    • 60 drive systems
    • 1 scanner
    • 1 picking centre

  • New pallet conveyor system

    • 2 empty pallet stackers
    • 2 picking centres
    • 65 drive systems
    • 4 scanners

  • Conversion of 4 DEMAG small parts stacker cranes

    • Aisle extension (from 23,040 to 34,560 tote bays)

  • Modernisation of 4 DEMAG pallet stacker cranes

    • Aisle extension (to 3,700 pallet bays)
    • Replacement of X, Y and Z drive axes
    • New cable carriers

  • 10 Siemens PLCs

Image gallery:

IGZ Retrofitting Goll
IGZ Palette High Bay Racking
IGZ Storage Conveyor
IGZ Container small part AS/RS systems

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