Energy Management (EM) and Notification Centre (NC) with SAP MII (SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence)

IGZ is continuing its strategy of supporting an accelerated SAP implementation for specific tasks by means of pre-configurations and targeted enhancements (SAP MII Best Practices).

The latest innovations are:

IGZ Energy Management

Detection of potential savings in the energy costs of a production plant thanks to the Energy Management (EM) module:

  • Visualisation of energy figures and counter information
  • Management of energy meters
  • Monitoring of consumption values
  • Consumption analysis of energy values
  • Online monitoring with limit value monitoring and alarms
  • Energy cost calculation

IGZ Notification Centre

Active event-related control and monitoring of production processes by means of Notification Centre:

  • Centralised overview of notifications and faults in all operating areas
  • Definition of rule-based follow-ups with alarms/escalation via email/text message
  • History of notifications and faults
  • Quick and targeted response to production incidents (missing components, priority order, resource failure)
  • Testing and evaluation of different production conditions

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