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SAP "Gold" Quality Award

28/11/2014 | Mannheim

In November, SAP Germany presented the SAP Quality Awards 2014 in the SAP Arena, Mannheim. The "GOLD" winner in the category "Business Transformation" for 2014 was the wholesaler and retailer Gebr. Heinemann SE & Co., Hamburg, together with its SAP EWM (SAP Extended Warehouse Management) implementation partner IGZ, for its implementation of SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) in the new distribution centre in Erlensee.Gebr. Heinemann and IGZ are very happy to have completed the successful rollout of SAP EWM (SAP Extended Warehouse Management) at the Erlensee logistics centre. A particular challenge in this very successful SAP EWM (SAP Extended Warehouse Management) project was the world's first realization of a highly dynamic material flow system with SAP EWM/MFS in a distribution

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Integration of production and logistics processes at Zentis with SAP MII

01/10/2014 | Aachen

Flexibility, ease of maintenance and cost effectiveness were increased at Zentis by the introduction of SAP MII (SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence). With around 2,100 employees worldwide, Zentis GmbH & Co. KG, Aachen, is one of the leading companies in the area of fruit preparation and the production of sweet spreads, confectionery and bakery fillings.These fruit preparations are filled into returnable containers (IBC – Intermediate Bulk Container) and then shipped. A container logistics system (CLS), as a SAP ERP add-on, takes over monitoring of the container and its contents over its entire life.In a pilot factory in the US using SAP MII (SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence), all relevant process steps such as washing, weighing, pressure testing and delivery are

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Process reliability and transparency increase with SAP ME

15/09/2014 | Mulfingen

As part of the SAP ME (SAP Manufacturing Execution) rollout for ebm-papst, process reliability in the production areas was further increased and production cycles were designed to be more transparent.The ebm-papst group of companies manufactures electric motors and fans, which are used in many different domains. As a technology leader in this segment, ebm-papst has been on a growth trajectory for many years.With more than five years of positive experience running SAP ME (SAP Manufacturing Execution), the 6.1 upgrade, with additional optimisations in the area of material and tool setup, was carried out jointly with IGZ.This created the foundation for  improvements in process reliability (verification of material and tools) and transparency (tool availability, documentation requirements

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10/09/2014 | Falkenberg

With Release 15.0 of its Manufacturing Suite, SAP is systematically pursuing its strategy of providing comprehensive support for shop-floor handling in manufacturing. All of the constituent modules in the Manufacturing Suite (SAP ME, SAP MII and SAP PCo) now share a common release strategy.This reduces maintenance and upgrade effort for users of the SAP Manufacturing Suite. Particularly in cases where the various parts of the production unit happen to deploy different module sets from the Suite. Indeed, this is increasingly the situation: after all, not every part of production will need to deploy the entire set.For a business department, however, functional enhancements are much more important. A few examples are listed below, which underline SAP's strong commitment to enhancing standard

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Energy Management (EM) and Notification Centre (NC) with SAP MII

04/09/2014 | Falkenberg

IGZ is continuing its strategy of supporting an accelerated SAP implementation for specific tasks by means of pre-configurations and targeted enhancements (SAP MII Best Practices).The latest innovations are:Detection of potential savings in the energy costs of a production plant thanks to the Energy Management (EM) module: Visualisation of energy figures and counter informationManagement of energy metersMonitoring of consumption valuesConsumption analysis of energy valuesOnline monitoring with limit value monitoring and alarmsEnergy cost calculationActive event-related control and monitoring of production processes by means of Notification Centre: Centralised overview of notifications and faults in all operating areasDefinition of rule-based follow-ups with alarms/escalation via email/text

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IGZ once again BAVARIA'S BEST 50

30/07/2014 | Munich

In July 2014, the Falkenberg-based SAP Project House for Logistics and Production, IGZ Logistics + IT GmbH, was named one of BAVARIA'S BEST 50 companies for the third year in a row. This honour was granted to Falkenberg-based IGZ on account of the continuous growth and positive business development it has experienced in recent years. Founded 15 years ago, the IT company specialised from the outset in the implementation of demanding warehouse logistics and production control systems using the software suite from SAP AG.Every year, the Bavarian Ministry for Economic Affairs, Transport and Technology presents this coveted prize at an awards ceremony in Munich to the 50 best owner-managed companies in Bavaria.The coveted prize, in the shape of a Bavarian porcelain lion, was accepted along with

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Enics Schweiz AG achieves higher transparency in production with SAP MES

07/07/2014 | Turgi (Switzerland)

Production transparency improved by a step-by-step expansion towards uniform traceability for production processes This was achieved by using the future-oriented SAP Manufacturing Execution Platform (SAP ME).Enics Schweiz AG is the top technology partner in the field of industrial electronics and medical devices. The universal and integrated solutions the company offers are based on a comprehensive palette of services within engineering, manufacturing, after-sales , and demand and supply chain management.For reasons of efficiency and capacity, the Supervisory Board and Management Board decided to invest in comprehensive optimisation work on warehouse and production logistics at the company's Turgi site, so as to increase transparency while also standardising production processes.This

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For its new logistics centre, HUGO BOSS is relying on SAP EWM with SAP AFS

04/07/2014 | Metzingen/Filderstadt

FILDERSTADT, 4 July The Hugo Boss fashion group has spent €100 million on securing its growth opportunities for the coming years with a new logistics centre – moving articles through the system remarkably quickly, and allowing fashion stores across Europe to be supplied within a maximum of 48 hours. In extreme cases, socks delivered by truck can be transferred in fifteen minutes to another truck, together with shirts and ties, to exactly match the needs of a particular business, already labelled with a price tag and equipped with anti-theft protection."Our stores are located in some of the most expensive locations in the world," explains Claus-Dietrich Lahrs, CEO of Hugo Boss AG – that is to say: locations that are too expensive to be wasted on storage, and the employees shouldn't ha

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Tyre retreading with SAP ME and SAP EWM at CONTINENTAL AG

30/06/2014 | Hanover

The tyre retreading process at Continental's new lifecycle plant requires close collaboration between production and logistics. To manage workflows on the factory floor and warehouse, the tyre maker has therefore opted to interface the warehouse and production management systems together. Reducing emissions of the CO2 greenhouse gas and careful management of our resources are important topics of our time. Continental is stepping up to this challenge with what is to date its unique hot- plus cold-process approach to re-treading HGV tyres, whereby significantly less energy is consumed than when manufacturing new tyres. Customers such as trucking companies can thereby benefit from significantly lower prices. The operational basis for the business is the new ContiLifeCycle Plant, which th

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Pick-by-Vision with SAP EWM and SMART GLASSES

17/06/2014 | Falkenberg

By now, various technologies in the field of "augmented reality" or "Pick-by-Vision" have found their way into in-house logistics. With Smart Glasses (e.g. Google Glass), various technology providers have succeeded in demonstrating how a pair of glasses can be used as a multifunction device for employees in a warehouse. In the picking area (Pick-by-Vision) at IGZ's customers, real-time orders – here via SAP EWM (SAP Extended Warehouse Management) – are overlaid onto the operator's field of view via an embedded micro-display housed in the glasses.Thanks to this online technology, which is linked to the SAP EWM (SAP Extended Warehouse Management) system in real time, the user is presented continuously with the current system state of the SAP order needing to be processed and can be deplo

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