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IGZ – Business of the Month!

03/12/2012 | Falkenberg

SAP software expertise from FalkenbergIGZ is the Business of the Month at Oberpfalz Regional MarketingAround 180 employees are now coding and developing software in the three "software barns" that make up the corporate premises of IGZ Logistics + IT GmbH, based in Falkenberg in the district of Tirschenreuth. The two-man operation founded by brothers Wolfgang Gropengießer and Johann Zrenner has grown over the past 13 years into an international and highly specialized software company for SAP software. "IGZ provides secure jobs for highly qualified employees in Bavaria's eastern Oberpfalz region and its innovative company premises are also something of a local architectural landmark," commented Christoph Aschenbrenner, Director of Oberpfalz Regional Marketing, when presenting the award for

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WINCC – Portable Plant Visualisation

30/11/2012 | Falkenberg

IGZ Automation has collaborated with IGZ to develop a portable WinCC visualisation module that provides an end-to-end solution in combination with deployed SAP systems. This is especially practical for use with modern tablets (e.g. iPads, etc.).A key element in this visualisation is the graphical and tabulated presentation of all of the plant systems. The level of detail extends down to individual sensors and actuators, thus enabling early detection of problems. Care has also being taken to ensure that menus are clear-cut, intuitive and touchscreen-ready. This enables the availability of plant systems to be visualised at-a-glance.A synchronous connection to SAP is also used to load relevant SAP stock information and order data into WinCC for display to the user in real time. Another featur

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Retrofit at Keller & Kalmbach in Unterschleißheim

07/11/2012 | Unterschleißheim

Project briefKeller & Kalmbach ranks among the leading wholesale companies for connection technology and fixing systems. At the company's Unterschleißheim site, IGZ Automation undertook a retrofit of the high-bay warehouse with 7,068 bays and corresponding conveyor systems. The PC controllers were upgraded to Siemens S7 units. The old Demag controllers (PROF) were also removed. Project specifications Modernisation of 3 DEMAG PAL stacker cranes with 1-way deep storageModernisation of 1 DEMAG PAL stacker crane with 2-way deep storageModernisation of DEMAG PAL conveyor system2 cross-wise carts each with 2x load handling gear60 conveyor drives2 picking centres1 scanner5 Siemens PLCs  Image gallery

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New systems at RUDOLF CHEMIE in Geretsried

11/06/2012 | Geretsried

Project briefAt Geretsried, Rudolf-Chemie is expanding its existing plant with a stacker crane and 2,260 bays. The existing conveyor system has also been extended. To ensure a completely automated material flow, scanners have been installed throughout the entire conveyor system.  Project specifications One stacker crane with 2-deep putaway22 conveyor system drives14 scannersWinCC visualisation1 Siemens PLC  Image gallery

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09/03/2012 | Falkenberg

As part of its "SUPPLY CHAIN EXECUTION INITIATIVE", SAP will offer full integration of storage and transportation processes in the future. In particular, the tried-and-tested SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) and SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM) modules will form an integrated unit in the next 9.0 release.During this era of internationalisation and the globalisation of transportation routes, and taking into consideration the ever-increasing costs of global shipping, an intelligent task management system using SAP can contribute to significant cost savings. There is also a need to keep an eye on cutting CO² emissions and maintaining an ecological balance by avoiding routes that are unnecessary.With the SAP TM (SAP Transport Management) software suite and its tight integrati

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Automated SAP production integration

05/03/2012 | Falkenberg

SAP Data Bridge for Manufacturing – Automated SAP Production Integration   For the more effective handling of packaging and production processes, K+S KALI GmbH is using SAP MII (SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence) to integrate its SAP ERP system with PLC-driven plant control systems for the packaging and labelling of Big Bags and various bagged goods. The direct SAP integration of the automation environment, implemented together with partner IGZ, not only ensures efficient order handling but also offers visualisation and reporting functionality for line data. As one of the world's leading providers of salts, standard and specialist fertilisers and plant care products, the K+S Group also manufactures potassium- and magnesium-based products, including ultrapure salts – s

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Retrofit at GOLL

04/02/2012 | Goll (A)

Project brief: Goll has modernised its existing pallet HBW and has lengthened the aisles.A new conveyor system with storage/retrieval lanes has also been created at aisle ends. Extensions were also made to the previously modernised tote AS/RS. Existing pallet conveyor systems were also modernised. Project specifications: Modernisation of DEMAG PAL conveyor system60 drive systems1 scanner1 picking centreNew pallet conveyor system2 empty pallet stackers2 picking centres65 drive systems4 scannersConversion of 4 DEMAG small parts stacker cranesAisle extension (from 23,040 to 34,560 tote bays)Modernisation of 4 DEMAG pallet stacker cranesAisle extension (to 3,700 pallet bays)Replacement of X, Y and Z drive axesNew cable carriers10 Siemens PLCs  Image gallery:

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