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HAMBERGER - highly-automated logistics centre

16.02.2018 | Stephanskirchen

Convincing through performance – that is the motto of the Hamburg logistics company. To secure their performance for the coming years, Hamburger decided on a gradual replacement of their old warehouse management and material flow software, as well as a control level for commissioning robots in their Hamberger Logistics and Service Centre (HLSC). Hamberger decided on SAP EWM. In doing so, the interfaces were reduced. The aims and barometers by which the successes of this project were to be measured were the seamless integration of the control level into the new IT system and the integration of the intelligence of the old system, as well as getting those with responsibilities in logistics involved. To ensure the high availability of their logistics operations, Hamberger placed their trust in IGZ for the implementation of their robust and efficient migration concept.As a family company and traditional business with an innovative spirit,...
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BERICAP-group - More transparency and efficiency in complex manufacturing by IGZ

12.07.2017 | Falkenberg

Nowadays manufacturing companies must be constantly informed about the status of the production in order to adequately respond to changing customer demands, as well as to the steadily increasing cost pressure. A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) caters for transparency and enhances efficiency of the entire production. That is why the closure manufacturer BERICAP chose the production control software SAP manufacturing integration and intelligence (SAP MII) and implemented the solution together with the SAP engineers from IGZ.

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IGZ was again confirmed as SAP recognised partner for MANUFACTURING

16.06.2017 | Falkenberg

Within the scope of the SAP partner Edge Programs, IGZ also continues to prove its expertise with this annual certification (such as product expertise, project implementation or project experiences) in the implementation of SAP production solutions in the area of SAP manufacturing execution system (SAP MES). These include the SAP standard modules SAP manufacturing integration and intelligence (SAP MII) as well as SAP SAP manufacturing execution (SAP ME).

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Strategic building block for the industry - introduction of SAP ME with IGZ

22.05.2017 | Falkenberg

The Ortlinghaus AG produces at its Swiss site Gams with the production control software SAP ME. For the clutch manufacturer, the MES is a strategic building block on its way to Industry 4.0. Since introduction, the worker processes without paper and handles orders - system-guided. Also, the software, as a part of the SAP manufacturing suite, supports the continuous traceability throughout the entire production process. For the roll-out of the solution, the production plant teamed up with the IGZ, an SAP project house for production from Falkenberg. The IT company has many years experience in the industry of process and discrete manufacturing.

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ASPÖCK - Highly optimised assembly in the automotive industry with SAP MES - IGZ, the SAP project House

16.05.2017 | Falkenberg

ASPÖCK Systems GmbH, a leading European manufacturer of automotive lighting systems, achieved low delivery times for customers, short lead times, production orders and high system availability by using SAP systems manufacturing execution (SAP ME) as well as extended warehouse management (SAP EWM). As future-proof and scalable solution, ASPÖCK repeatedly chose the implementation of the production control software SAP ME and the warehouse management software SAP EWM, both standard systems of SAP SE. With IGZ, SAP project house for production from Falkenberg, which is specialised on process optimisation and implementation of above SAP systems, ASPÖCK thus consistently implements the next steps up to Smart Factory and Industry 4.0.

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HIPP - production of baby food with SAP MES - IGZ as implementation partner

12.04.2017 | Falkenberg

Manufacturing companies with multiple locations will need a single manufacturing execution system (MES) for the upcoming Industry 4.0 era. Only this way can production and business processes be efficiently networked and carried out uniformly and location-independently to improve product quality and safety. For its production management system, the food manufacturer HiPP relies on SAP manufacturing integration and intelligence (SAP MII) with the implementation partner IGZ, the SAP project house. A MES template was developed for the enterprise-wide roll-out, which is used at the pilot site in Croatia for the first time.

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RECARO constructs a new logistics centrum with IGZ

05.04.2017 | Falkenberg

The Recaro Aircraft Seating GmbH & Co. KG will invest about € 13.5 million in the new construction of its logistics centre, which should start production at the end of 2017. The sustained and forecast corporate growth, the process optimisation along the supply chain and an even stronger service orientation to the customer require an expansion of the logistics. The approximately 6,000 square-meter building will arise with the support of IGZ, the SAP EWM general contractor, at the main site in Schwäbisch Hall.

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Cooperation of IGZ and college for training SAP experts

30.03.2017 | Falkenberg

In the summer of 2017, for the first time at the OTH in Weiden, a study-accompanying course offered for students of the faculties of industrial engineering and business administration, for the application development with the SAP programming language ABAP. Martin Steinkohl from the PartnerCircle company IGZ Ingenieurgesellschaft für logistische Informationssysteme mbH from Falkenberg ( could be hired as lecturer.

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Mega-trend "Industry 4.0" - IGZ at the 13-th PartnerCircle of OTH Amberg-Weiden officially recorded

15.03.2017 | Falkenberg

For the first time, SIEMENS invited members of the OTH PartnerCircles. Appropriately for the topic "Industry 4.0, Digital Factory and Internet of Things", Siemens AG at Amberg, member of OTH PartnerCircle, opened its doors.

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SAP EWM/MFS supplies parts to Zack | IGZ

08.03.2017 | Passau

The division of industrial technology of from ZF Friedrichshafen AG has increased warehousing performance by introducing central warehousing and automation of logistics at the Passau site. Even more ambitious goals, such as significant reduction of recovery times, were surpassed by far with IGZ support.

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