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BERICAP-group - More transparency and efficiency in complex manufacturing by IGZ

12.07.2017 | Falkenberg

Nowadays manufacturing companies must be constantly informed about the status of the production in order to adequately respond to changing customer demands, as well as to the steadily increasing cost pressure. A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) caters for transparency and enhances efficiency of the entire production. That is why the closure manufacturer BERICAP chose the production control software SAP manufacturing integration and intelligence (SAP MII) and implemented the solution together with the SAP engineers from IGZ.

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IGZ was again confirmed as SAP recognised partner for MANUFACTURING

16.06.2017 | Falkenberg

Within the scope of the SAP partner Edge Programs, IGZ also continues to prove its expertise with this annual certification (such as product expertise, project implementation or project experiences) in the implementation of SAP production solutions in the area of SAP manufacturing execution system (SAP MES). These include the SAP standard modules SAP manufacturing integration and intelligence (SAP MII) as well as SAP SAP manufacturing execution (SAP ME).

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Strategic building block for the industry - introduction of SAP ME with IGZ

22.05.2017 | Falkenberg

The Ortlinghaus AG produces at its Swiss site Gams with the production control software SAP ME. For the clutch manufacturer, the MES is a strategic building block on its way to Industry 4.0. Since introduction, the worker processes without paper and handles orders - system-guided. Also, the software, as a part of the SAP manufacturing suite, supports the continuous traceability throughout the entire production process. For the roll-out of the solution, the production plant teamed up with the IGZ, an SAP project house for production from Falkenberg. The IT company has many years experience in the industry of process and discrete manufacturing.

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ASPÖCK - Highly optimised assembly in the automotive industry with SAP MES - IGZ, the SAP project House

16.05.2017 | Falkenberg

ASPÖCK Systems GmbH, a leading European manufacturer of automotive lighting systems, achieved low delivery times for customers, short lead times, production orders and high system availability by using SAP systems manufacturing execution (SAP ME) as well as extended warehouse management (SAP EWM). As future-proof and scalable solution, ASPÖCK repeatedly chose the implementation of the production control software SAP ME and the warehouse management software SAP EWM, both standard systems of SAP SE. With IGZ, SAP project house for production from Falkenberg, which is specialised on process optimisation and implementation of above SAP systems, ASPÖCK thus consistently implements the next steps up to Smart Factory and Industry 4.0.

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HIPP - production of baby food with SAP MES - IGZ as implementation partner

12.04.2017 | Falkenberg

Manufacturing companies with multiple locations will need a single manufacturing execution system (MES) for the upcoming Industry 4.0 era. Only this way can production and business processes be efficiently networked and carried out uniformly and location-independently to improve product quality and safety. For its production management system, the food manufacturer HiPP relies on SAP manufacturing integration and intelligence (SAP MII) with the implementation partner IGZ, the SAP project house. A MES template was developed for the enterprise-wide roll-out, which is used at the pilot site in Croatia for the first time.

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RECARO constructs a new logistics centrum with IGZ

05.04.2017 | Falkenberg

The Recaro Aircraft Seating GmbH & Co. KG will invest about € 13.5 million in the new construction of its logistics centre, which should start production at the end of 2017. The sustained and forecast corporate growth, the process optimisation along the supply chain and an even stronger service orientation to the customer require an expansion of the logistics. The approximately 6,000 square-meter building will arise with the support of IGZ, the SAP EWM general contractor, at the main site in Schwäbisch Hall.

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Cooperation of IGZ and college for training SAP experts

30.03.2017 | Falkenberg

In the summer of 2017, for the first time at the OTH in Weiden, a study-accompanying course offered for students of the faculties of industrial engineering and business administration, for the application development with the SAP programming language ABAP. Martin Steinkohl from the PartnerCircle company IGZ Ingenieurgesellschaft für logistische Informationssysteme mbH from Falkenberg ( could be hired as lecturer.

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Mega-trend "Industry 4.0" - IGZ at the 13-th PartnerCircle of OTH Amberg-Weiden officially recorded

15.03.2017 | Falkenberg

For the first time, SIEMENS invited members of the OTH PartnerCircles. Appropriately for the topic "Industry 4.0, Digital Factory and Internet of Things", Siemens AG at Amberg, member of OTH PartnerCircle, opened its doors.

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SAP EWM/MFS supplies parts to Zack | IGZ

08.03.2017 | Passau

The division of industrial technology of from ZF Friedrichshafen AG has increased warehousing performance by introducing central warehousing and automation of logistics at the Passau site. Even more ambitious goals, such as significant reduction of recovery times, were surpassed by far with IGZ support.

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New factory of Linde Hydraulics with SAP EWM based total system solution

28.02.2017 | Aschaffenburg

Linde Hydraulics has invested in a new major works at the site of Aschaffenburg in order to open up innovation opportunities and growth potential faster and more effectively in future. The innovative integrated central warehouse for production supply started its operation early August 2016.

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ZF Passau receives Excellence Award for successful general contractor project with IGZ

21.02.2017 | Falkenberg

The “ZF Excellence Award 2016” is an internal quality competition at ZF Friedrichshafen AG. Since 1995, ZF employees around the world have been able to submit their projects and ideas, divided into five categories, for the chance of winning the award. Each year, first of all finalist teams and finally five winners are selected from a great number of submissions.

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IGZ acknowledged as SAP Recognized Partner for EWM again

26.01.2017 | Falkenberg

IGZ was again recognised by SAP as an SAP Recognized Expertise Partner for SAP SCM

This annual certification is proof of IGZ’s competencies (e.g. product expertise, project implementation, or project experience) in the realisation of logistics solutions in the area of SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM).

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Neutral logistics planning versus ideas competition

11.01.2017 | Falkenberg

In the realisation of new logistics plants, even beforehand, there is a difficult question for companies when it comes to the choice of supplier: “Should we commission an experienced planner who will draft a neutral invitation to tender for us or might we find a more cost-effective, efficient way of reaching our goal by means of an ideas contest?”

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IGZ founders Johann Zrenner and Wolfgang Gropengießer awarded with the state medal for special services to the Bavarian economy.

28.11.2016 | München

Both of the IGZ managing directors and engineers Johann Zrenner and Wolfgang Gropengießer from Falkenberg/Opf. were awarded with the state medal for special services to the Bavarian economy on Monday 28 November, 2016.

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IGZ at the s.Oliver Family Day 2016

16.11.2016 | Rottendorf

On Wednesday 16 December, 2016, IGZ presented a gesture-controlled commissioning to a total of 4000 employees and family members in its role as SAP Partner to s.Oliver.

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s.Oliver: With SAP, EWM is achieving the highest level of throughput in textile distribution

24.10.2016 | Falkenberg

Together with IGZ, s.Oliver relies on the advantages of a holistic SAP system integration in order to meet the existing requirements of clients and stores efficiently.

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Significantly simplified: food manufacturer Zentis relies on SAP manufacturing solution in production

19.09.2016 | Falkenberg

IGZ, the SAP project centre for production, increased flexibility, efficiency, and traceability in a proven way through the introduction of an SAP manufacturing solution for the fruit processor Zentis.

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An IT company from Oberpfalz makes Germany’s large corporations fit for Industry 4.0

07.04.2016 | Falkenberg

IGZ realises demanding Industry 4.0 projects and allows its clients to increase quality and productivity, among other things.

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General contractor IGZ realises project for ebm-papst

15.02.2016 | Mulfingen

ebm-papst establishes a new distribution centre which will in future function as the central hub for global distribution of the ventilator manufacturer’s products. In the intralogistics centre, the company relies on SAP EWM and the competences of IGZ as SAP EWM general contractor.

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SAP EWM general contractor IGZ at the LogiMAT 2016

01.02.2016 | Stuttgart

IGZ presents itself at the LogiMAT 2016 as general contractor for logistics systems with a focus on “SAP, SPS and mechanics - everything from the same source”.

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Joint disc specialist relies on the competence of IGZ’s SAP engineers as general contractors

10.12.2015 | Waldkraiburg

SGF extends Waldkraiburg factory. The SAP EWM general contractor IGZ is responsible for the implementation of SAP EWM integrated total system solution.

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Pick by Motion used by Krones in Neutraubling

08.12.2015 | Neutraubling

A pointer controls machines. The Krones spare parts centre sends out 4500 products a day. The logistics specialists have clever solutions ready.

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New construction: Trumpf invests in spare parts logistics with IGZ as SAP EWM general contractor

17.11.2015 | Ditzingen

A new warehouse administration system on the basis of SAP EWM. IGZ awarded order for the realisation of intralogistics incl. implementation of SAP EWM/MFS.

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New construction: BMW invests 50 million euros in Spandau logistics

13.10.2015 | Berlin-Spandau

New logistics centre using IT-supported systems which should make the motorbike factory the most modern in the industry according to statements from BMW.

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Rittal: Demanding retrofit in going concern with IGZ as general contractor

10.08.2015 | Rittershausen

RITTAL commissioned IGZ as general contractor for a comprehensive modernisation of pallet materials handling and the renewal of safety technology. SAP TRM should also be integrated in this context.

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New chapter in a story of success

23.06.2015 | Erbendorf

The subsidiary of IGZ Logistics + IT, IGZ Automation in Erbendorf, has recently opened its building extension. Good news for the company for the town of Erbendorf: It has created 50 new jobs.

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BI-LOG: New installation of a “used plant” with IGZ as general contractor

15.02.2015 | Bamberg

IGZ simplifies the intralogistics processes at BI-LOG and thereby makes it possible to reduce costs when handling major clients.

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SAP EWM general contractor IGZ at the LogiMAT 2015

02.02.2015 | Stuttgart

IGZ presents itself at the LogiMAT 2015 as general contractor for logistics systems with a focus on “SAP, SPS and mechanics - everything from the same source”.

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Geberit expands its logistics centre

03.01.2015 | Pfullendorf

Sanitary equipment manufacturer Geberit is migrating from SAP LES/TRM to SAP EWM/MFS and expanding its logistics capacity...

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SAP "Gold" Quality Award

28.11.2014 | Mannheim

Gebr. Heinemann, Hamburg is a "GOLD" winner in the category "Business Transformation", together with its SAP EWM implementation partner IGZ...

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Integration of production and logistics processes at Zentis with SAP MII

01.10.2014 | Aachen

Integration of production and logistics processes at Zentis with SAP MII.

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Process reliability and transparency increase with SAP ME

15.09.2014 | Mulfingen

As part of the SAP ME rollout for ebm-papst, process reliability in the production areas was further increased and production cycles were designed to be more transparent.

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10.09.2014 | Falkenberg

With Release 15.0 of its Manufacturing Suite, SAP is systematically pursuing its strategy of providing comprehensive support for shop-floor handling in manufacturing.

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Energy Management (EM) and Notification Centre (NC) with SAP MII

04.09.2014 | Falkenberg

IGZ is continuing its strategy of supporting an accelerated SAP implementation for specific tasks by means of pre-configurations and targeted enhancements (SAP MII Best Practices)...

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IGZ once again BAVARIA'S BEST 50

30.07.2014 | München

IGZ wins the BAVARIA'S BEST 50 award for the third time!

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Enics Schweiz AG achieves higher transparency in production with SAP MES

07.07.2014 | Turgi (CH)

Production transparency improved by a step-by-step expansion towards uniform traceability for production processes This was achieved by using the future-oriented SAP Manufacturing Execution Platform.

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For its new logistics centre, HUGO BOSS is relying on SAP EWM with SAP AFS

04.07.2014 | Metzingen/Filderstadt

FAZ newspaper article; IGZ's solution approach: Hugo Boss, international lifestyle group and global market leader in the premium and luxury segment, commissioned IGZ in autumn 2012 with the design and implementation of SAP EWM with an interface to SAP AFS (ERP) for its newly-built distribution centre in Filderstadt near Stuttgart, with a base area of 23,400 square metres.

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Tyre retreading with SAP ME and SAP EWM at CONTINENTAL AG

30.06.2014 | Hannover

The tyre retreading process at Continental's new lifecycle plant requires close collaboration between production and logistics. To manage workflows on the factory floor and warehouse, the tyre maker has therefore opted to interface the warehouse and production management systems together.

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Pick-by-Vision with SAP EWM and SMART GLASSES

17.06.2014 | Falkenberg

By now, various technologies in the field of "augmented reality" or "Pick-by-Vision" have found their way into in-house logistics.

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IGZ – Certified Rapid Deployment Solution Partner for SAP ME

12.05.2014 | Mötzingen

IGZ, the SAP project integrators for logistics and production, now offer a Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) for SAP Manufacturing Execution (SAP ME).

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Optimal integration of assembly and warehouse with SAP ME and SAP EWM

07.03.2014 | Peuerbach (A)

Due to the necessity of process changes and the ever-increasing requirements facing manufacturing, Aspöck Systems GmbH has decided to introduce a deeply integrated all-in-one IGZ solution based on SAP ME with SAP EWM.

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Innovative shuttle warehouse management with SAP EWM/MFS

15.02.2014 | Falkenberg

Highly-automated shuttle storage systems are currently "in", as demonstrated by the numerous ongoing implementation projects in collaboration with well-known German and international corporations. Nevertheless, experts in the sector disagree on how to concretely assess the advantages and disadvantages of shuttles in comparison with stacker cranes with regard to operating efficiency and performance.

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Retrofit at Hochland

08.01.2014 | Erbendorf

Project brief: 4,700 pallet bays in HBW...

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SAP and control technology from a single source!

10.10.2013 | Falkenberg

True to its status as a full-service provider, IGZ goes beyond SAP-only implementation work to also offer corresponding services in the fields of plant and control technology with its subsidiary IGZ Automation.

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Advanced features available with SAP ME 6.1

07.10.2013 | Falkenberg

For some years now, SAP has been offering a powerful MES system in the form of Manufacturing Execution (ME), which represents a perfect addition to the existing functionality in SAP ERP. In this way, existing production planning is extended by making SAP-integrated production control and handling available to the shop-floor.

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Direct integration of SAP ME with SAP EWM

07.09.2013 | Falkenberg

Close integration of production logistics and in-house production/assembly is an objective now increasingly sought-after. With SAP Manufacturing Execution (ME), SAP offers an MES for discrete manufacturing.

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SAP EWM / SAP MFS now managing the TYROLIT logistics centre for the Swarovski Group

23.05.2013 | Schwaz/Tirol (A)

As part of the modernisation of the logistics centre at Schwaz, TYROLIT Schleifmittelwerke Swarovski KG has replaced all external warehouse management and material flow systems with the SAP software suite.

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SAP MII FLOW+PACK: Online Process Control & Quality Assurance

06.05.2013 | Meilen (CH)

MIDOR AG is the leading Swiss producer of preserved pastry goods, ice cream and dessert powders. The delightful product range of this company based in Meilen (Switzerland) includes around 750 products.

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New one-stop shop for the oldest textile mill in Germany

05.05.2013 | Tirschenreuth

Looking to meet the challenges and cost pressures of an ever-changing market, the family-owned business Mehler decided to invest in a centralised and automated high-bay warehouse in Tirschenreuth.

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Automated tray warehouse offers greater flexibility at NIEHOFF

01.05.2013 | Schwabach

As a long-standing, family-run business with a knack for innovation, the NIEHOFF engineering works produces wire-drawing plant for the wire and cable industry. To meet the challenge of future growth, a multi-phase construction project was initiated for a new factory and office premises in Schwabach, whose logistical centre is represented by an automated tray warehouse with over 8,000 storage bins. NIEHOFF decided to bring IGZ onto the project as a general manager overseeing the in-house logistics deliverables.

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Logistics retrofit – Restoring the reliability of older systems

15.02.2013 | Erbendorf

It's familiar to any automated warehouse system owner (high-bay warehouse, small part AS/RS, conveyor systems, etc.): There's often a "hitch" at the same old places in the PLC/plant system. The usual approach is a daily struggle to cope with the symptoms. As wear and attrition worsens over the years, however, so too does the risk of an increasing frequency of system downtime. Specialised interventions can help to restore the reliability of plant systems – but only if such interventions are performed in a timely and targeted manner.

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Faster project completion with the SAP MII Rapid Deployment Solution

01.02.2013 | Kassel

For the more effective handling of packaging processes, K+S KALI GmbH is using the IGZ Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) to integrate its SAP ERP system with plant control systems for the packaging and labelling of Big Bags and bagged goods. Supplementing the efficient processing of orders, support is also provided for visualising and reporting on line data.

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Innovative SAP EWM Customer Logistics for HANSGROHE

11.01.2013 | Offenburg

With support from SAP Logistics integrators IGZ, Hansgrohe has set a new standard in logistics: From autumn 2011, SAP EWM/SAP Material Flow System (MFS) is now managing all of the processes at the company's existing highly-automated logistics centre in Offenburg.

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Electronic Work Instruction (EWI) in the process industry with SAP MII

03.01.2013 | Falkenberg

With the EWI (Electronic Work Instruction) module, IGZ has expanded its SAP MII Best Practices to include a further integrative component for interfacing with production facilities by using SAP MES.

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IGZ – Business of the Month!

03.12.2012 | Falkenberg

IGZ is the Business of the Month at Oberpfalz Regional Marketing.

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WINCC – Portable Plant Visualisation

30.11.2012 | Falkenberg

IGZ Automation has collaborated with IGZ to develop a portable WinCC visualisation module that provides an end-to-end solution in combination with deployed SAP systems. This is especially practical for use with modern tablets (e.g. iPads, etc.).

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Retrofit at Keller & Kalmbach in Unterschleißheim

07.11.2012 | Unterschleißheim

IGZ retrofitted High-Bay Warehouse System at Keller & Kalmbach, a leading wholesalebusiness.

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New systems at RUDOLF CHEMIE in Geretsried

11.06.2012 | Geretsried

RUDOLF CHEMIE updated its existent intralogistics. Reliable partner through the whole process: IGZ Logistics + IT.

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09.03.2012 | Falkenberg

As part of its "SUPPLY CHAIN EXECUTION INITIATIVE", SAP will offer full integration of storage and transportation processes in the future. In particular, the tried-and-tested SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) and SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM) modules will form an integrated unit in the next 9.0 release.

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Automated SAP production integration

05.03.2012 | Falkenberg

For the more effective handling of packaging and production processes, K+S KALI GmbH is using SAP MII to integrate its SAP ERP system with PLC-driven plant control systems for the packaging and labelling of Big Bags and various bagged goods. The direct SAP integration of the automation environment, implemented together with partner IGZ, not only ensures efficient order handling but also offers visualisation and reporting functionality for line data.

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Retrofit at GOLL

04.02.2012 | Goll (A)

Goll has modernised its existing pallet HBW and has lengthened the aisles. A new conveyor system with storage/retrieval lanes has also been created at aisle ends. Extensions were also made to the previously modernised tote AS/RS. Existing pallet conveyor systems were also modernised.

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SAP MII/ME – SAP Manufacturing Execution Partner Certification

20.09.2010 | Falkenberg

Walldorf-based SAP Germany GmbH & Co. KG has included the SAP Logistics Project House IGZ Logistics + IT from Falkenberg (Oberpfalz, Bavaria) as a member of its Collaborative Business Initiative (CBI) for Manufacturing Execution. SAP has thereby confirmed IGZ's expertise in the SAP Manufacturing Execution applications.

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SAP TALKMAN integration

04.05.2010 | Falkenberg

Timed to coincide with LogiMAT 2010, Vocollect, global market leader in voice solutions for mobile personnel, has just launched a certified procedure with which TALKMAN products can be equipped with a standardised interface to SAP LES and SAP EWM.

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Browser-based MDC device

05.04.2010 | Falkenberg

With SAP ITSmobile, SAP offers an advanced standard technology to integrate modern RF mobile devices directly in SAP ERP, SAP EWM or SAP LES without middleware. IGZ provides tools for optimisation with its "ITSmobile Design Toolbox".

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IGZ – Professional service is more than just a "Hotline"

04.03.2010 | Falkenberg

Logistics software must deliver top performance and, in many industries, very often around the clock. Continuous delivery readiness and a constant supply to/transfer from production are critical to business success. Accordingly, the deployed applications need to be available at all times...

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SAP is now managing the most advanced fashion distribution centre in Europe

20.10.2009 | Metzingen

In May 2009, HUGO BOSS AG opened its brand-new logistics centre for hanging garment distribution in Metzingen. To ensure an optimum integration of logistics processes into the existing SAP infrastructure, HUGO BOSS is also using the SAP software suite for management and control throughout its new hanging items distribution centre...

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SAP "Perfect Plant" Initiative


With the "Perfect Plant" initiative, SAP has made good on its promise to support its customers in their shop floor integration projects. The tools involved here are the familiar planning functions in SAP ERP/SAP SCM, in combination with the new shop floor integration functionality offered by SAP MII and manufacturing execution features from SAP ME.

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IGZ is a 2009 BAVARIA'S BEST 50 Prize-winner

01.07.2009 | München

In July 2009, Falkenberg-based SAP Logistics integrators IGZ Logistics + IT GmbH were named one of Bavaria's Best 50 companies for the second year in a row.

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SAP LES/TRM/EWM solutions

30.03.2009 | Walldorf

Maximum protection of your investment and security for the future by deploying the SAP logistics suite SAP TRM Material Flow System ...

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SAP EWM / Extended Warehouse Management

30.11.2008 | Walldorf

With SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM), SAP offers a powerful warehouse management module with additional, new functions...

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SAP MII deployment

01.11.2008 | Falkenberg

SAP is advancing into hitherto-neglected areas of production control and closing the gap between SAP ERP and the machine control layer.

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New building project at AMC in Bingen am Rhein

21.09.2008 | Bingen am Rhein

In Bingen-Kempten, AMC Alfa Metalcraft Corporation has opened a new and central distribution warehouse for all of Europe. The goal was to set up a simple and ruggedly designed plant featuring optimum use of space. Thanks to optimised routing within the site and a clear-cut process structure, employees can work flexibly and maximum flexibility for the plant's overall output is also ensured. At the heart of the site is a new picking centre, which has been incorporated into the existing building...

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IGZ is a 2008 BAVARIA'S BEST 50 Prize-winner

09.07.2008 | München

Falkenberg-based IGZ Logistics + IT has been the recipient of a very special accolade by the Bavarian State government: on 2 July 2008, the company was recognised as one of the top fifty businesses in all of Bavaria by Bavarian State Minister of Economic Affairs, Transport and Technology Emilia Müller.

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30.05.2008 | Bielefeld

"Quality is the best recipe": Dr. Oetker's corporate slogan also applies to the company's Logistics IT strategy involving SAP LES/SAP TRM...

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Multi- and double-deep storage

20.08.2006 | Walldorf/Falkenberg

Material flow control for double-deep and multi-deep automated warehousing (HBW, AS/RS for small parts) with innovative SAP LES/TRM strategies...

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Fully-automated refrigerated HBW at APETITO AG

02.11.2005 | Rheine

apetito AG now uses SAP LES/SAP TRM and a direct SAP PLC interface to control a new, fully-automated refrigerated high-bay warehouse...

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