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SAP Supply Chain Management, with SAP TM, facilitates the reduction of delivery times to customers and the reduction of transport costs. Integrated interaction opportunities with suppliers, transport service providers (at home and abroad), contain new opportunities to optimise the flow of transport and goods at your own warehouse and also up to the customer.



Catch new impulses, such as the use of SAP transport systems, which can also create competitive advantages for your company. With practical live demos, you have the opportunity to familiarise yourself first hand with specific use scenarios on the basis of SAP TM 9.3 in combination with SAP EWM.


SAP TM range of functions and latest developments
Hr. Flensberg, VP & Chief Product Owner SAP TM

  • Latest range of functions and innovations SAP TM 9.3
  • Roadmap SAP TM


SAP EWM /SAP TM - Interlinking Warehousing and Transport

  • Make delivery and dispatch on time simpler
  • Loading and unloading clocked correctly with SAP SCM incl. SAP TM Collaboration Portal

Flexible shipment solution with Extended SAP Express Ship Interface

  • Service integration and label management made easy

Save 8 % on trips and drives using a customer example

  • Minimising freight costs through needs-based resource planning
  • Analyse and improve existing trip structures

SAP TM cargo bay and package optimisation

  • Pallet forming and package optimisation with SAP TM 9.3
  • Cargo bay optimisation for HGVs and containers in general cargo

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