SAP MES Dayforum at HMI 2014, Hanover, 10/04/2014

live at Hannover Messe Industrie

Your benefit
Reduction of interfaces and systems, perfect ERP integration, consistent processes and traceability - all these features are brought to you by SAP MES, including the modules SAP ME (SAP Manufacturing Execution) and SAP MII (SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence).

SAP ME (SAP Manufacturing Execution) fulfills all requirements towards a discrete production's IT process support. Typically for SAP, the MES solution is widely configurable and also enhances flexible concepts of internal enlargements.

For several years now SAP MII (SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence) took its dominant position at customers by the term of "vertical integration". IGZ even contributed an efficient manufacturing control with predefined solutions in order to simplify processes for filling and packing, continuous flow production but also batch production. Hereby all steps base on the tool of electronic work instruction (EWI).

Get some new incentives and tap potentials in your production, that haven't been exhausted yet. SAP Manufacturing renders these improvements possible.


SAP MII (SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence)

Fill + Pack

  • filling and/or packaging lines directly connected
  • Einsatz für Konsumgüter in Form von Flüssigkeiten oder Schüttgut

Flow + Pack

  • detailed order scheduling on completed, current and upcoming production orders
  • production-parallel inspection through system integration and/or manual input

SAP ME (SAP Manufacturing Execution)

SAP ME (SAP Manufacturing Execution) meets all demands with regard to IT process support of discrete production. MES solution is, typically for SAP, widely configurable and enhances flexible concepts for internal enlargements. Fields of application are especially industries with high standards regarding traceability, such as:

  • high-tech/electronics
  • sutomotive
  • industrial roboting and components
  • aviation, austronautics and defense industries

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Solutions for process industries and discrete production
Convention Center 3rd floor / room 12
fair grounds
30521 Hannover

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