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IGZ presents itself at LogiMAT 2020

10.-12.03.2020 | Stuttgart

Due to growing health concerns regarding Covid-19 (coronavirus), the LogiMAT 2020 was canceled by the organizers. An alternative date is not expected to take place.IGZ | THE SAP ENGINEERS realise systems for controlling and optimising logistical processes in production and distribution, exclusively on the basis of SAP standard software as EWM general contractors. At LogiMAT 2020 from 10 - 12 March, you can experience the advantages of IGZ as an SAP partner and comprehensive point of contact in relation to the DIGITAL SUPPLY CHAIN on the way to LOGISTICS 4.0 and INDUSTRY 4.0. 100% picking reliability as well as a zero error rate in 24/7 operation are just a couple of the numerous advantages of PICK-BY-ROBOT® with SAP EWM/MFS, the fully automatic, camera-based picking system. What's more, with PICK-BY-MOTION® with SAP EWM/MFS, we offer another powerful alternative to conventional picking systems, with intuitive gesture control. Are you...
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IGZ Single-Day Forum SAP Transportation Management 2020

05.02.2020 | Falkenberg

On 5 February, 2020, the IGZ Single-Day Forum SAP Transportation Management will take place for the fifth time at Burg Falkenberg. Let us show you first hand just how efficient the SAP standard software is in the area of transport planning and transport management and get new ideas on how your company can benefit from the functionalities of SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM) . How important is the optimum interaction of transportation planning with your managed warehouses to you? In your opinion, how much potential still exists in terms of increasing their rate of delivery, improving cost savings or exploiting transport capacities more efficiently? Logistics experts agree that logistics does not stop at the boundaries of your own factory premises. On the contrary: This is often where the complexity begins and, at the same time, there is also hidden potential on the way to your end customer, a transshipment point or your dealers -...
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Hanover Industry Trade Fair 23/04- 27/04/2018

23/04/2018 | Hanover

23 - 27/04/2016 - Hall 7 Stands C11 and A02 Visit IGZ at the WORLD'S LEADING TRADE FAIR for the intra-logistics industry in Hanover to be inspired and discover new trends for your production on the way to Industry 4.0. "Get new technology first" - That's the guiding them of the HANNOVER TRADE FAIR 2018. IGZ | THE SAP ENGINEERS will be presenting their broad range of services, focusing on INDUSTRY 4.0 and the SAP Manufacturing Suite with SAP Manufacturing Execution (SAP ME), the established and fully-configurable MES-System for discrete production and SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (SAP MII), as well as their tried-and-tested solutions for the process industry. Discover live, on site in Hanover with the help of our selected IGZ LIVE DEMOS, how the use of SAP MES can also help achieve process optimisations in your company's production. With IGZ's pre-made best practice solutions for bulk production, flow production and...
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IGZ at CeMAT, from 23-27/04/2018 in Hanover

23/04/2018 | Hanover

Hall 19, directly at the SAP stand. For the first time, CeMAT is taking place in parallel to the most important industry trade fair worldwide, the HMI. Visit IGZ at the SAP partner stand in Hall 19. Together with SAP, the world's market leader in company software, IGZ is presenting its comprehensive wealth of know-how of INDUSTRY 4.0 and LOGISTICS 4.0 solutions. Let our logistics experts at CeMAT show you how you can optimise the industrial value chain for your company and generate savings. IGZ | THE SAP EWM GENERAL CONTRACTOR is a general contractor specialising in SEP EWM projects, offering a full range of services relating to the planning, controlling and optimisation of logistics processes within production and distribution logistics on the basis of SAP standard software. IGZ has an in-house and highly efficient area for programmable logic controller services (PLCs), which enables IGZ to control all the system technologies...
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IGZ presents itself at LogiMAT 2018

13 - 15/03/2018 | Stuttgart

13 - 15/03/2018 - Hall 1 Stand 1D06 and Hall 8 Stand 8B47 As an SAP EWM general contractor, IGZ | THE SAP ENGINEERS use SAP standard software to develop systems that control and optimise logistics processes in production and distribution. Experience the advantages of having IGZ as your SAP partner and integrated provider at LogiMAT 2018, from 13 - 15 March, with a focus on digitisation on the way to Logistics 4.0 and Industry 4.0. 100% picking security and a zero error rate in 24/7 operation are just some of the numerous advantages of PICK-BY-ROBOT with SAP EWM/MFS, the fully automated, camera-based packing process. We also offer PICK-BY-MOTION with SAP EWM/MFS, with intuitive gesture control, which provides an additional high-performance alternative to standard packing systems. Are you thinking about a new warehouse, or modernising your existing logistics centre with SAP standard software?Then our SAP-based logistics planning can...
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Innovation@Work - Visit SGF: Tugged train with SAP EWM

21/02/2018 | Waldkraiburg

+++ Unfortunately this event is already fully booked. IGZ is planning an additional Innovation@Work event for the second half of 2018. We will keep you informed about this here on our website in the near future, under the heading news, events. +++ On the 21st February 2018, interested parties will have the chance to catch a direct glimpse of the intra-logistics of a recognised car-industry partner. Use this opportunity and find out about how IGZ | THE SAP EWM GENERAL CONTRACTOR has implemented SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) in the course of constructing the new plant and logistics facility for the Süddeutsche Gelenkscheibenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG, or SGF for short, at the company’s main location in Waldkraiburg. SGF is a market leader in the transmission of torques and works across sectors in corresponding industrial applications. The new plant construction includes, among other things, the 24-metre high, fully automated...
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SAP Transportation Single-day Forum at Burg Falkenberg on 07/02/2018

07/02/2018 | Falkenberg

The SAP Transportation Single-day Forum took place in close proximity to the IGZ Softwarescheune in the Burg Falkenberg Conference Centre for the third time. On Wednesday, 7th February, we were once again able to welcome more than 60 prospective customers to this specialist event. In the centre, there were practical examples from IGZ, live demonstrations were carried out and projects that had been successfully realised by IGZ with SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM) were introduced. Direct networking with tried-and-tested SAP EWM warehouse management modules for intra-logistics in connection with the transport/KEP service providers, or your own vehicle fleet, offers you competitive advantages, increases the level of service and decreases your logistics and transport costs. The new SAP S/4 HANA ERP generation is now being used in transport logistics. The previous ERP module, LE-TRA, and SD transport will only continue to be available...
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IGZ, the SAP EWM General Contractor with TÜV SÜD

09.11.2017 | München

With Retrofit and SAP integration of automated warehouse technology up to Logistics 4.0.

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IGZ presents SAP TM project at CONRAD Electronic

07.11.2017 | Mannheim

IGZ | THE SAP ENGINEERS implement E-Commerce high-performance logistics with SAP TM and EWM at Conrad Electronic.

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IGZ - Single-day Forum SAP Warehousing + Automation 2017

18.05.2017 | Wernberg

The dozen is full! Meanwhile, it's the 12th time the annual IGZ Single-day Forum SAP Warehousing + Automation is being held. IGZ is presenting its portfolio of SAP engineers at this "in-house trade fair" as well as in its role as an SAP EWM general contractor with interesting customer presentations, project examples and live demos.

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IGZ - IGZ day forum SAP Manufacturing 2017

17.05.2017 | Wernberg

Already for the 7-th time, the annual IGZ day forum SAP Manufacturing took place. IGZ showed its portfolio at its "House fair" with SAP MES for production control with interesting customer presentations, project examples and live demonstrations.

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IGZ with own stand at the HMI 2017

24.04.-26.04.2017 | Hannover

Visit the Hannover Trade Fair Industry and experience countless new offerings and product trends from SAP Manufacturing that will lead you down the path to industry 4.0.

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IGZ presents itself at LogiMAT 2017

14.-16.03.2017 | Stuttgart

IGZ | THE SAP ENGINEERS presented their broad range of services focusing on SAP standard software SAP EWM, SAP MFS, SAP LES and SAP TM at LogiMAT, the trade fair for intra logistics. Furthermore, GZ | THE SAP EWM ENTREPRENEUR presented its comprehensive portfolio for new systems, retrofits and expansion of existing logistics systems.

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SAP Transportation Single-day Forum 2017 at Burg Falkenberg

08.02.2017 | Falkenberg

Catch new impulses, such as the use of SAP transport systems, which can also create competitive advantages for your company.

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Towards Industry 4.0 with SAP MES – SAP MES Single-day Forum Manufacturing 2016

10.11.2016 | Düsseldorf

IGZ presented its portfolio from the SAP fields of discrete production, process industry and INDUSTRY 4.0 to numerous national and international customers in Düsseldorf.

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IGZ with s.Oliver at the SAP Info Day LuTM 2016 in Mannheim

11.10.2016 | Mannheim

IGZ realises high-performance processing of deliveries in fashion logistics through the introduction of SAP EWM at s.Oliver.

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IGZ Single-day Forum SAP Warehousing + Automation 2016

12.05.2016 | Wernberg

The IGZ Single-day Forum SAP Warehousing + Automation took place on 12 May 2016 already for the eleventh time. Since then this forum has established itself as the industry event in the field of SAP Warehousing.

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IGZ Single-day Forum SAP Manufacturing 2016

11.05.2016 | Wernberg

The IGZ Single-day Forum SAP Manufacturing took place on 11 May 2016 already for the eleventh time. Since then this forum has established itself as the industry event in the field of SAP Manufacturing.

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IGZ at the Hannover Trade Fair Industry 2016

25.-29.04.2016 | Hannover

New impulses and trends for your production - IGZ is your competent partner in logistics and production

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IGZ at the LogiMAT 2016

08.-10.03.2016 | Stuttgart

In 2016 IGZ presents to you once again innovative and flexible solutions in the field of logistics and automation. Visit us at the LogiMAT.

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SAP Transportation Single-day Forum 2016 at Burg Falkenberg

03.02.2016 | Falkenberg

Catch new impulses, such as the use of SAP transport systems, which can also create competitive advantages for your company.

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IGZ at SAP Summit in Salzburg

21.-22.04.2015 | Salzburg (A)

Your benefit SAP Summit in Austria this year is themed „Discover simple“. Learn more here, of how to optimise your processes in logistics and production gainfully by using the SAP software suite and thus exhaust your companies potential. Highlights In cooperation with IGZ Aspöck Systems GmbH presents the successfully implemented production supply with SAP EWM (SAP Extended Warehouse Management) and SAP ME (SAP Manufacturing Execution). Further information For requests regarding SAP Summit in Salzburg we are at your fully disposal. We are looking forward to see you in Salzburg! Salzburg Congress Auerspergstraße 6 5020 Salzburg (A)
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At Hannover Messe Industrie 2015 with IGZ

13.-17.04.2015 | Hannover

Product trends and incentives regarding not yet exhausted potentials - IGZ is your contact partner at HMI, e.g. for the Manufacturing realm!

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LogiMAT 2015 - IGZ introduces itself as the SAP EWM general contractor

10.-12.02.2015 | Stuttgart

LogiMAT, the international trade fair for distribution, material and information flow is annually setting benchmarks as biggest fair for intralogistics in whole Europe.

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SAP Information Day 2014, Mannheim

25.11.2014 | Mannheim

SAP Information Day at Congress Center Rosengarten in Mannheim informs about worth knowing facts in the realm of warehouse and transportation management.

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SAP EWM/TM experts venue

11.11.2014 | Regensdorf

On November 11, SAP EWM/TM experts venue takes place at SAP Switzerland in Regensdorf. Experience the get together about logistics and distribution here!

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innovation@Work at Aspöck Systems GmbH - INDUSTRY 4.0

06.11.2014 | Peuerbach (A)

Aspöck Systems GmbH is Europe's leading manufacturer of lighting systems for towed vehicles. SAP ME and SAP EWM noe ease many processes in manufacturing.

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SAP MES Dayforum Manufacturing and Warehousing 2014

30.10.2014 | Düsseldorf

As last year's issue of SAP Dayforum in Düsseldorf was a huge success, IGZ is going to host a reissue this year with focus on Warehousing and Manufacturing.

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Pack & Move 2014 - IGZ presents warehousing and manufacturing applications for the swiss market

09.-12.09.2014 | Basel (CH)

Pack & Move - The Swiss Trade Fair for integrated solutions in logistics and packing technique. Don't miss IGZ at stand B46 with diverse projects and demos!

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IGZ @ Hannover Messe Industrie 2014

07.-11.04.2014 | Hannover

Visit our stand to talk to us about the many options for integrating shop floor processes with SAP's standard MANUFACTURING EXECUTION product...

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LogiMAT 2014 – Intelligent networking - handling complexity

25.-27.02.2014 | Stuttgart

IGZ | On the 12th occasion of this important annual and international event, the SAP Project House for Logistics and Production will be presenting its complete range of services in the fields of SAP Warehousing, SAP Manufacturing and SAP Automation...

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SAP MES Dayforum 2014

29.01.2014 | Regensdorf (CH)

Get some new incentives and tap potentials in your production, that haven't been exhausted yet. SAP Manufacturing renders these improvements possible.


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Spotlight on MES

23.-24.01.2014 | Eggelsberg (A)

For all users of process manufacturing MES organisation D.A.CH e.V. organises the congress for technology and users called "Spotlight on MES", which takes place at Bernecker + Rainer in Eggelsberg (A).

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SAP Information Day for Warehouse and Transport Management 2013

21.11.2013 | Mannheim

Experience the latest trends in the realm of warehouse logistics. Come to the SAP Information Day for Warehouse and Transport Management 2013!

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SAP MES Dayforum 2013

09.10.2013 | Düsseldorf

On November 9, 2013 IGZ organises the SAP MES Dayforum and herby demonstrates the the efforts of Manufacturing Execution for the field of production.

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Annual DSAG Congress 2013

17.-19.09.2013 | Nürnberg

"Processes in change - fiction or fact?" This year's slogan for the annual DSAG Congress welcomes you in Nuremberg at Nuremberg Convention Center!

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SAP Automotive Forum Leipzig 2013

12.-13.06.2013 | Leipzig

"Driven by Innovation" ist the slogan of SAP Automotive Forum Leipzig, which takes place at Congress Centre Leipzig on 12/06 and 13/06.

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Hannover Messe Industrie 2013

08.-12.04.2013 | Hannover

With its 11 international trade fairs Hannover Messe Industrie is the worldwide biggest and most important trade fair for technology.

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IGZ at LogiMAT 2013

19.-21.02.2013 | Stuttgart

Material flow control for double-deep and multi-deep automated warehousing (HBW, AS/RS for small parts) with innovative SAP LES/TRM strategies...

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SAP Information Day for Warehousing and Transport Management 2012

22.11.2012 | Mannheim

SAP Information Day for Warehousing and Transportation Management also gives insights in the latest trends of warehousing and logistics in 2012.

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Pack & Move 2012

20.-23.11.2012 | Basel (CH)

Pack & Move - the Swiss trade fair for integrated solutions in logistics and packing technology. IGZ presents solutions for warehousing and manufacturing.

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BMW Group IT Fair 2012

24.-25.10.2012 | München

BMW Group IT Fair takes place the 10th consecutive time in Munich!

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Annual DSAG Congress 2012

25.-27.09.2012 | Bremen

"Back to future - ERP at the centre of integrated systems" is the device for the annual DSAG Congress which will be held in September in Congress Centre Bremen.

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SAP Information Day 2012

26.-27.06.2012 | München

How can SAP contribute to the efficiency of consumer goods industry? This question was asked now the seventh time. SAP Information Day for Consumer Goods Industry established as an important get together.

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SAP World Tour 2012

12.-13.06.2012 | Baden (CH)

"Innovative Warehouse Management at Meyer Burger" - this is the slogan of this year's edition of SAP World Tour.

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SAP Trade Symposium 2012

25.-26.04.2012 | Frankfurt

In April 2012 the SAP Trade Symposium gives insights in how to get new perspectives in trade. Constantly present: the will of proper customer handling.

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IGZ @ HMI 2012

23.-27.04.2012 | Hannover

Manufacturing Execution with SAP

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IGZ at LogiMAT 2012

13.-15.03.2012 | Stuttgart

IGZ | The SAP Logistics Integrators will offer live demos of SAP Warehousing and SAP Manufacturing solutions from their expanded service portfolio in Hall 7, Stand 247...


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